Vurpal Bunny 10 Bunny Berzerker

To do the following quests you must click the bunny pet from the egg hunt.

Berserker Bunny Helm- Wooden Egg

Transforming Bunny Spear – Egg Shell

Bunny on Your Back – Quacked Egg

Bunny Berserker Armor – Were Egg

Missions From Bunny Pet

TAKE YOU CAPE OFF (INCREASES CHANCES OF GETTING THE EGGS FASTER) (Again… Once you defeat a boss, put the cape on…. you will get hints from it)

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First… Click the bunny… You will have a bunny pet. To get it you must complete the second mission at battle on.


Now, Put the cape on. It will help you….


Go to Willow Creek, fight the Werewolf…. Here is the picture of the were wolf…. I am at sirver type /goto lordoc if you need help…


Now to the next mission, You will had finished Bunny Berzerker Armor…. Once you defeat the Werewolf

Here is a picture of the armor.


Type /join farm, go to Treeant and defeat him for the wooden egg


Guys I am still here, I am just nervous that there are 40 something people on line. Keep refreshing.

I got the Helm, Let me go enhance it.

Okay, almost there guys, let me get the information.

Here is the picture of General Porkon.


Here is the picture of the helm. If you click The Helm again, it transform.


Go to Orctown and defeat the boss. type /join orctown, than go to the boss. You will need more than 2 ppl to defeat him, you will not be able to defeated him by your self.  I keep getting kicked, but not to worry, I’ll still try my best. Stay tuned and keep refreshing.

If you want the Egg Shell Just type /join boxes and kill the boss Grizzle Spit.

Grizzle Spit Well, thats it guys. Hope you got all the items. I had fun today. Thanks for coming, you know where to come next time!

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