How To Get Free Ninja Warz Karma

Want some karma for Ninja Warz? Just subscribe and Ill pick a random winner every month. Just subscribe and I might just pick you. Also every time I post something, you get a direct E-mail. Who knows, it might be a contest! Anyways, look at this example:

Here is the example:

55 Responses

  1. help pls

  2. i need karma badly plz
    i guy suck really baddly lvl 17 24 ninja i got hacked to so plz im desprate

  3. hi please give a gift or more karma please i needed

  4. pls help i need karma pls i just want to bet a creator and tondero josie pls im lvl 27 and i cant even beat a lvl 25 boss

  5. can u tell me a cheat to get karma its kind of cool

  6. send me some karma pls ty

  7. i want to easy get karma at ninja warz…

  8. i need to be lvl 100 and get karma and gold

  9. i want to be lvl 80 and get karma and gold

  10. plz give me karma i neeed some i have none and i have to beat the boss plzzzz

  11. i need to be lvl 161 and i need karma and gold

  12. Please i really need Karma…lv13 and only 5 ninja (please i need it)

  13. i need leveling fast and ineed gold and karma

  14. plzzzzz
    i need the karma…….
    i always lost in the battle…..
    some KARMA……
    i already vote………….

  15. please till me how i need karma realy bad maby ur not tilling us because u dont no how if u no please till us how

  16. hi pls give me karma i really need it thx!

  17. gusto ko ng 1000 na karma pwede mag bigay kayo please!!!

  18. may i have a 1000 karma please

  19. please give more karma….?

  20. plzzz i neewd karmea tl thinked aut oter peole tooe

  21. no deal! fuck you! just teach us how to do the thing. not that fucking contest.

  22. may i have 1000 karma pls

  23. i want free karma plss

  24. please. my account got deleted cuz my brother kept cursing on the place u rite stuf. plz. i need alot of karma. plz if i dont get any it will be so unfair plz plz plz. i might cry its so sad.

  25. March 18,2010 my great unckle died by a hit and run he was 82 years old and the person that hit him was 29.Its on the News and News paper so i really want Karma i want at least 90 not 1,000 or any thing like that all i want is 99

  26. i need karma soooo badly it would be great if u could send me some please.

  27. Hey, im a lvl 17 and i could use like 50 karma it would help me alot. thanks alot if u can help me..

  28. how to get soo mny karmas

  29. can u plz fight nightslashers12 its lvl 24 for now???????//!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  30. fight nightslashers12 its now lvl 35

  31. fight nightslashers12 its now lvl 67

  32. i need karma please because i want to turnament

  33. i dont need karmaa hahahahahha

  34. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!im level 22 and i have 4 karma 😛 enter me please

  35. so umm i am lvl 18 i need only like 22 karma for second black belt if u can do that for me it would be the nicest thing u have ever done you just have to give me just 22 karma and i wont ever bug u everever agian i will just play the game and get rlly good pls if u could find it ssomewhere in ur heart and give me it then i wont bug u agian like is said plaplspls i wont trust me i wont bbug u agian!!!! this will be me 🙂 but this me now 😦

  36. pls reply back or give it to me if u can

  37. -let me join

  38. well i have 9420 karma

  39. i want many karma

  40. enter me please i level 14 i have 2 karma

  41. Please send me some karma thank you 🙂

  42. plz send me karmas in ninja warz thx =]

  43. please give 100 karma my account been hack

  44. i need karma plzzzzzz can you gime me 100 karma or 200 plzzzzzz

  45. plssssssssssss


  47. Give Me Some KaRmA pLs

  48. GiVe Me SomE KaRmA pLs

  49. Please Give me Karma im Stuck whit leveling and got no gold -,-‘

  50. Please give me karma i need it so much.. please..

  51. can i have warz sword plzz

  52. i am awaiting for it ok

  53. luv u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  54. i am lvl 13 and can you pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase make me level 100

  55. i need karma badly plzzzzzz………
    tnx so much….

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