How To Get Free Epic Duel Varium

You guys need Varium for Epic Duel? Just subscribe and Ill pick a random winner every month. Just subscribe and I might just pick you. Also every time I post something, you get a direct E-mail. Who knows, it might be a contest! Anyways, look at this example:

Here is the example:

123 Responses

  1. hey siir i need a free variium this is may account name sexmaniac password manyakisako thiss is my email address ill be waiting tnnx

  2. Me wan to be member but for free

  3. i really want free epic duel varium can u get it to me plz?

  4. sirr i want to have a free varium please help me this is my email address sir ill be waiting for your response , thank you . ^_^

  5. i really need some varium on epic duel can u get it plz
    my name is rainbow god and my email is


  6. i will give you free varium and no problem but u will have to pay me 2$ if thats alright.

  7. I want some varium plz i always wanted to upgrate but my parents say they not waste their money and i live in the Caribbean so i cant get it plz help.
    My acount is: JJMH10
    My Email is

  8. So how do we pay u.

  9. can i have the free varium.

    thank you very much, my account is exzodiaguy.
    and my e-mail is

  10. i thought this was free

  11. please varium free

    my email

  12. Ha there i really varium i just wan to to be a player but my parent wont let me but this card because it now worth it so plz help me

  13. i want variums pls my email is i want variums pls relpy…..

  14. i want it plzz..
    my email:

  15. please help me get some varium for freee. pelase sir. my parents wont let me.

  16. Can I plz have free varium i really need it .

  17. i want free varium from epic man

  18. Plz can i have it free heres my email:

    plz can i be a winner????!


  19. I want it plz My email is

  20. Nice website you have here, and nice cheats up here I watched many great cheats here.But this one is the greates , I think.Im your biggest fan in world…

    Can I have the free varium to epicduel plzzz…

  21. i want t have some varium too…..
    please i beg to you…..
    this is my e-mail:
    i really need it.

  22. im bein pwnd
    plz give me varium with a cherry on top!
    username: draygongurl

    my character name is Rachie
    lots of ppls noe me….and kill me

  23. hi to all read this plz i want to get vrium and to be a founder plz ets free give me a varium i want beta items thats my ambition plz plz 🙂

  24. Hello i need varium bad please give me some free varium my email

    onscreen name :.D34TH.

  25. can I please have varuim plz I really need it. It would be a big help if gave some varuim to me.
    username: Beto kantos

  26. i need it my username is nkleinba i am a level 9 please how big is the package?

  27. pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls i dont have enough money cause my phone bill is 118 dollars plsplspls pik me

  28. May i get picked please i really NEED a varium. It has been at least about 18 months and i STILL have no varium plz plz pick me i REALLY REALLY NEED one if you don’t pick me thats okay i guess well… My email is thanks bye 🙂

  29. this is not real no one will get free varium >=^(

  30. and my email is

  31. Hey can you giv me free varium

  32. i always wanted to upgrate but my parents say that it waste money….so can i have free epic duel varium plz….plz….

  33. please pick me for the free varium i dont need it but in would be EXTREMELY nice…

  34. I want Varium i can’t get i bet i have battled u

  35. pls cheat mine to have a free varium

  36. pls!let god bless you if you choose me

  37. i want free varium too….
    i really need it because im lvl25…
    my acc name is FaiZuDiN…
    i only have low lvl equipment…

  38. Name:Always Beg to win
    Lv 27

    i only have a few credits left now i’m so broke 😦 please pick me! please! I BEG OF YOU!
    com on please!
    i’ll respect you forever man!
    please have a heart and pick me!!

  40. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! ME!
    if you pick me i’ll never forget it!
    i’ll be waiting

  41. Hi, i could really use some varium on epicduel, put me in the contest, i suscribed

  42. HEy I want varium for epic duel I want it very much please give me many varium Love you all :]

  43. please giveme free varium

  44. let me have the varium baby!

  45. please give me a 5000 varium

  46. plz give me a 10000 varuim
    this is my profile my username: matienzo

  47. Hey dude i need 100000 varium and beta weps plz i really need it my email is

  48. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me to get150000000 varium my e-mail is my name in epic duel is seven7i

  49. its ok i wont be angry if i wont win its depend on you my freind=(

  50. pls pik me for the epic duel varium contest i really need this badly

  51. plz i really need it i got hacked and im stuffed up plz get me atleast 1000 varium and 3000 credits thnx guys

  52. i need varium got hacked if u cant do varium i need 3000 credits

  53. i need lots of varium plz i got hacked do what u cant thnx

  54. hey man im just a sucker in the game can you pick me plz i just need 10000 varium plz or 5000 if i see you ill be yr friend and show you were things r if i know were it is trust me .note:email me at then i give you my infomation

  55. hi i reali need some varium im lvl 8!

  56. plz reply me later plz i want varium and i am your big fan

  57. plzz i need varium i have reached max lvl but dont have varium:( can you giv me some varium at least 250

  58. Can you give me varium my email is

  59. and i give you my aqw acc if i get beta weps!

  60. i just started please give me the varium please

  61. plz give me some varium my account is crap

  62. plz i need veruims im sick of dieing + my friend is getin it and hes makin me jeluos
    plz i need veruims i need them soo baddly

  63. my E-mail

  64. my E-mail

  65. the name of my account is : epicpwnurface
    my email :
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    pls give me a FREE VARIUM 😀

  66. just send me your user and pass to
    and i will get you free varium

  67. i will check every week and ill write them and ill buy for the winner

  68. they should lower the price on varium or give you 500 varium and 2500 credits after you buy the 19.95$ pake

  69. pls give me a varium the email is

  70. can you plz send me free varium i really want it

  71. plz i really need varium

  72. Please give me varium

  73. okhey is it ok why0 is my password is invalid

  74. okhey is it ok why is my pasword is invalid T_T

  75. dont fall fort it he can still ur accounts

  76. hey sir need the varium so i would like to get the varium


  77. my name is julies3 pass julian100

  78. My email is if you do it for me i give you a guardian in lv 100 + aqw acc lv 20 mem

  79. pleaseeeeeee i need varium very bad can you give me some dude

  80. I want varium please. Someone hacked my account so I really need it.

  81. can you plz give me varium

  82. Pls. Choose i know you are good and pls. chose me.

  83. hey im cabajiacrob remember u told me about this website and said i wud get free varium

  84. idrisbalal just send me your user and pass and i will get you varium

  85. thanks man for the varium

  86. you guys rule i hope u have good luck


    i hope i win

  87. hey can i have free varium plz cause i am soon turning 30 and i keep loseing

  88. hey come on ppl this is a contest saying please wont work =( but i think i might not as well turn out to be the winner my emaikl is =

  89. hey can i get free varium plz cause i just stared the game
    plz can i

  90. btw when are you giving free varium

  91. is it in 5 more days

  92. i need varuim i always got pwnd they said u are si weak and no wepons MY WEPONS ARE WEAK PLEASE PICK ME

  93. I NEED VARUIM i get por to much 50 battles 50 loses and 0 wins

  94. matti i need your pass and user for free varium

  95. omg omg thanks so much

  96. Can you plz give me varium im just so poor so plz plz plz give me free varium.

  97. my email is and i need some varium and rare weapons for epic duel lordtechrobot

  98. im a good person and i play this every day and i never had varuim can u plz give me some plzzzz

  99. i got my mercenary read lvl 25

  100. PLS PLS PLS I NEED VARIUM. I cant live without it. pls

  101. i want varium my email is

  102. Can you pls give me the varium plz give me one

  103. plz varium plz plz plz

  104. sir my mother wont buy any varium. and on dragon fable she wont buy a dragon amulet. and espically on adventure quest she wont turn me into a gaurdian can you help me .

  105. can u give varium

    im tired of being a normal user

  106. btw if u give me

    so much thank you coming from my heart is i swer

  107. plese get me the varium i have to surprise my brother to get him varium

  108. please………..I’m begging you

  109. Can i have varium and have beta weapons my Email is

  110. Hi, I just want free varium like everyone else here, so, my E-mail is Good Luck Everyone!

  111. plz give me varium yo

  112. i really need a free varium in epic duel

  113. me i u want 😦

  114. if u want me 😦

  115. PLXXXX!!!!! Give me Varium plx!!!

  116. hey people cud u make me upgrade pretty pls my parents keep letting me dwn sayin u can get it nex week nex week comes and they say no its gettin me angry so yh im not askin 4 favourtism im just askin if u cud be nice and upgrade me pls thanks in advanced

  117. i want to have free variums im epicduel, my e-mail is

  118. my username: masterofshadow1996

  119. Hello

    Username: kecleon45 (no caps lock or spaces) (no caps lock or spaces)

  120. i really want to have varium so i hope ull chose me… thnxs

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