AQWorlds Moderators

Moderators Of AQWorlds

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This are the names of the moderators in AQWorlds, Click their names to  view their Character Page…

Artix, Blues, Miltonius, Safiria, Reens, Galanoth, DragonDance, Scakk, Cysero, Kickkat, j6, Sarahrenee, Rolith, Tomix, Ghost, Cysero, Alac, Lady_TomoCorwin_Ambrose, Zhoom, Minimal,

126 Responses

  1. you forgot kur0biii, lol hes my friend, check his char pg

  2. ill let you see the friend pic on thursday because we have school

  3. pls can anyone upgrade me and thnx for your helping me

  4. plz i need artix is my frined plz

  5. plz i need artix to be my firned

  6. I love it!!!!!!!!!11

  7. i need someone to upgrade me

  8. 34544

  9. Your class is nobby i have a mage class 10 leprechaun 10
    rustbucket 1 pirate 1 and ninja 8.

    Lordoc: Check again. They where in my bank…..

  10. wow awesome man i wish i a member of aqworlds

  11. i need artix to be my friend please

  12. can ihave one usere name anpassword

  13. can i have one username and password

  14. i good


    Lordoc: He got it from Battleon- Upgrade Shop…

  16. hey check out xitra character page stardot,hollow,gothmog they are mods

  17. dont ask me where did i get it

  18. hey dont forget jemini shes a moderator to

  19. the ist lor dis fake and all thechar pages are fake

  20. theres 2 artix’s

  21. hey how to you get a sword in both hands???

  22. he’s cool!

  23. hey can you help me all to upgrade may account because in philippines is no upgrade shop??????????☻☻☻☻☻☻

  24. plss give me a account member lvl 1-5 plsssss

  25. plss give me a acounnt plsss member ☻☻☻☻☻☻

  26. how do you get a orange name plz right back kk bye

  27. does Artix suck plz right back does any one know tsering right back useing your user kk bye

  28. ad me

  29. give me pet

  30. or amulet

  31. was up peeps this is crazy dude 8 was up well does any one know the song don’t trust
    its cool look it up on youtube kkkkkkkk bye

  32. my pass word is crybaby

  33. wass up anyone know wwe does anyone know jeff hardy

  34. I would like 3000AC

  35. 6000AC and high ninja level

  36. max everything

  37. can someone give me some ac coins plz i really need them…

  38. hi

  39. i know jeff hardy swanton bomb

  40. wow they are cool just like you

    can u meet me at aq worlds any day and any time

  41. hello to all aqworlds fan….=D
    my name is jboy1238 and joel victor thats all foyks

  42. my idol in the aqworlds is ROBINA i wish i can see his CLASS RANGER i love that class i wish i can get it

  43. i would like some ten thousand AC COINS =d COULD SOME WON borrow peawws

  44. i would like some ten thousand AC =d COULD SOME WON borrow peawws

  45. im in at the contest my accont is yousi34

  46. Founder and None are also Mods

  47. can anyone upgrade my account please!!!

  48. can anyone upgrade my account……pls….

  49. i will upgrade 6 people the first 2 email there pass and user 2

  50. url

  51. can any1 upgrade me?

  52. hey check my page my user name is paulg260

  53. How can i join the clan??

    I am lvl19 not upgraded………….

    I will wait for your reply…..


    Lordoc: Click the Clan Banner on the side…

  54. can you upgrade lordoc 🙂

    Lordoc: Sorry, I can’t upgrade anyone that asks me.

  55. please anwser

  56. u forgot to add beau123 lordoc

  57. i wish artix was in my friend list or i can be a moderater T.T but doesnt matter….i think…..BattleOn!

  58. i wish i could be a member and a mod

  59. um…… can anyone upgrade me from the aqw from the artix crew

  60. there is 2 artix

  61. If someone will upgrade me I will give them me all six character dragon amulet DF account. one level 29, one level 27 both with doom weapons and lots of gold and classes that are already trained.

  62. hey can u please upgrade my account my account is bahamuthbaha..tnx…i trust you…& i wish u can do upgrade my account to member…^^

  63. I really need someone to upgrade my account.

  64. u forgot beleen lol

  65. hey lordoc if u can read this i want to meet u and if u go on cysero server u can see me most of the pplz on cysero know me or have seen me just type /goto mervin the wizard

  66. Yeah thats cool lOTS OF MODS

  67. hey lordoc it was kewl meeting u =D
    if u ever bored just come and see me if u like im usally just with my friends most of the time

  68. Cool thanks…

  69. you forgot Kreath

  70. can some one hack me plz email me at if u can get me high level and lots of gold

  71. Get a life bob. I am not hacking you!

  72. hacking… don’t ever do it hackers are off this blog!NOW!

  73. u guys have to see the char page of ali akbar515 his really strong

  74. anyone please give me member account

  75. Hey i found one of the moderators personater & i think artix’s yahoo email i just love to meet Reens she seems nice Chaos Starcutter plz have her meet me in sir ver at my place Chaos Starcutter’s house i’m lvl 20 & a member LONG LIVE DARK PHOENIX CLAN!!!!!!

  76. forgot lussion

  77. Hi guys,
    if anyone wants to be my friend my name is Queen Margie

  78. im level 14 and im suprisingly hot

  79. pls can anyone upgrade me and thnx for your helping name is destroyer wayne

  80. whos whants my account im a member founder and beta tester 1st upholder

  81. ill have your account

  82. pls can some one make me member my name is the mens it was suposed t obe the man but pls and thank you

  83. No one can upgrade you. The only way to get upgraded on this website is to win one of Lordoc/Crannicar’s many competion.

  84. can u upgrade me plz for a day

  85. Ill have your account Dynasty:

    Email em it at:

  86. hey kur0biii i knw him hes my friend too
    he used to let me use his account but i moved somewhere else so yeah

  87. Can someone upgrade me on Epic duel

  88. hi everybody can anyone tell me how to level up fast plzzzzzzz

  89. plz tell me how to get rare classes thx

  90. u forgot the best mod beleen

  91. Thyton,Ash,Anonymous,Randor The Red,Jemini
    Visit My Website And Register you can see all mobs

  92. why does it say 3:59 for everyone

  93. Why Does Everyone Ask For Member Accounts or Artix To Add Them You Kno Artix WONT Add You Unless You Are a Moderator Dumb Ass (v”~.~)

  94. Check Me Out My AQWorlds UserName is: Jordz__Legend

  95. if anybody will help me i will be wery glad. tomorrow is my burthday. i want to have aq coins but i have only 15. i and my parents cant afford that i was member. if anybody will help,he or she will be realy great person

  96. if anybody will help me i will be wery glad. tomorrow is my burthday. i want to have aq coins but i have only 15. i and my parents cant afford that i was member. if anybody will help,he or she will be realy great person my e mail is

  97. I am level 20 with 10 classes rank 10

  98. click my name to see my char page

  99. can any one know how to get free upgrade if you know please upgrade me

  100. i wish im upgrade please upgrade me lvl 17
    user name:yogioh12345 pass:************
    please reply

  101. pretty decent i like tomixs and this one other guys yeah…..

  102. a person named rodric is too a moderator

  103. can u put how to get battle swimwear.

  104. plz pick me to b a free member email is

  105. please upgrade me im lvl 18 and my user name is Zenith X and email again is

  106. can u plz give me stuff tht is only member only? PLZ?!?!

  107. pls upgrade me pls pls you are lv 30 buy weapons best man!

  108. love game +upgade wow big love

  109. you home acont day pls upgrade!

  110. Nice mods

  111. Were a fake moderators this week. but all the true moderators hasnt had a golden name

  112. Hey! Why is corwin_ambrose is disabled?? Tell me

  113. Do you know that when you trust someone he can hack your account? I’ll sugggest you that do not EVER change your email to an unknown person just let him know the password.. It happened to my account not my name because I just borrowed it my account before was pokemon_bakugan and I cant open it because it was changed my password!! 😦 Dont worry I’d already moved on!!

  114. o so tem menber aqui ou nao i am from brazil BY :breno_10 i am noob mas artix eu quero te conhecer vc parece cer legal tem amigos meu que ja conversaram com vc e fala que vc era daora mas me fala uma coisa que e o dono me fala o nom delle eu so quero conversa com ele !!!! fmz blzz bay

  115. we only have the menbro here by: breno_10 the Artix want to know me talk to my friends that you have already talked to you and said you good people and I wanted to talk with you and know you to be your friend bye! ! answered by my email

  116. greetings AE game players
    first of all i want to tell you that you can’t borrow any ac’s
    then, you also cannot get our game free upgrade
    all of it is lie

    Moderator of AQWorlds

  117. can someone give me free upgrade free!

  118. Guys I made a New Trainer For AQWorlds, DragonFable, Epic Duel, Adventure Quest and our Mini Games! The other Moderators don’t know go to YouTube and Search Artix Secret Trainer!

  119. I’m a AQWorlds member.

  120. you get a double weapon in by going to the ptr server and equipping a dagger

  121. i can upgrade ppl for free if u need it

  122. can anyone upgrade me my username is weak hahaha

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