Chaos Beast, Grenwog & Mods!

ON FRIDAY: The Darkovian Chaos Beast Fight

Are you ready for the Chaos Beast showdown this Friday? I think this new boss requires us to do a little Word-Math*…

Vampire + WereWolf = Werepyre
Dragon + Vampire + Werewolf = Dracowerepyre
Cyborg + Dragon + Vampire + Werewolf = GAME OVER!

New from the makers of Word-calculus, Word-Trigonometry, and Word-Quantum-Physics-for-Bunnies

The Grenwog Returns (Seasonal Special Event)

What is a Grenwog? It is an enormous bunni-cular creature of unspeakable size, strength and stinky bright blue boxing gloves. Gear up in the 2010 Berserker Bunny Armor and questing pet — and quest for the glory and honor of EGG filled JUSTICE!

Berserker Bunny

“Can I haz Mod pls? + more golds!”

The top two questions that players ask our friendly team are “Can I be a Mod?” and “Can I have more gold?” We have thought about this for a long time and decided that some of you do in fact deserve to be Mods and to get more gold. Therefore, we have made a very complicated and slightly risky change to the AQWorlds game engine. Based on your in-game behaviour, the game is going to automatically select, add, and remove Mods. Remember, Mods will NEVER, EVER ask for your password. We do not have any secret mods, and we ONLY do official work on our staff-characters with gold names. If our system has selected you to be a mod you will know immediately upon logging in. This change is scheduled for Friday, but could go live early.

Can I be a mod?

Remember, Mods will NEVER, EVER ask for your password, e-mail or other personal information.

One Response

  1. ummm i thought you dont except player’s asking to be mods.

    Artix Rules!!!

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