Lordoc’s Message: Artix Cysero and other mods sent messages on twitter etc that there will be an update. WHOHOO!!! Go to PTR, this is a big update. Over 1,000 users online so check it out…


Tonight at 5PM, server time (that’s in about 45 minutes from NOW!) We need as many AQW members as we can to cram into the PTR.

This is a big test. We have a whole lot of changes and we want to see how the server and the new engine handle a a lot of people so we need all hands on deck for this one.

Let’s see if we can break it!

HERE is a link if you don’t know where to go: AQW Public Test Realm

Be sure to use the Report Bug button just below the game screen to let us know what breaks and what you like!

Feedback Pls!

This is one of the last steps in the very very long road to getting the PTR engine up on the live servers. Several of the mods, myself included, will be on at that time so see you there!


Remember, if you use an AE Upgrade Card any time between now and April 11th you get the non-member transforming Choco-bunny pet!

This Week!

Egg hunts and Chaos Beast battles ahead, buckle your seatbelts!

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