AQWorlds Tercessuinotlim Back!

Wohoo! Tercessuinotlim is back! AQWorlds had released this place long time ago. This was a mistake but now they added it back. They added a shop at when you arrive to tercessuinotlim. To get there you need to find in inside the caves of citadel. Maybe by typing (/join tercessuinotlim) Anyways, I will make a video about the new items. Depends, I can’t right now so I will edit this post later.

2 Responses

  1. it not back yet but it will soon but right now theres a gitch u can go into a wall were that place is sopussesd ot be

  2. i wishi were a member so i could cool thins like um goto the tunnel map a get cool wepeans and armors and pets

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