Choco-Bunny is Nigh!

And So Is The End Of The War!

Tonight at midnight, server time (that’s 12:00 AM EST) the non-member, transforming Choco-Bunny pet arrives!

The 2 Forms Of Choco-Bunny

And all you need to get one is redeem one of our AE Upgrade Cards for anything you want (renew your membership or buy Adventure Coins!) anytime between midnight tonight and April 11th. Suddenly, POOF, the Choco-Bunny will be warmly (but not too warm or he’ll become a melty mess) snuggled inside your backpack!

Remember: The Choco-Bunny will transform into the Hulking Choco-Bunny and back again with a click from his master, and ONLY his master…. and everyone around you will be able to see the transformation!

He is a non-member pet so after your membership expires you will still be able to equip the Choco-Bunny until you decide yo renew your account (which you should do anyway 🙂 )

Also, remember that the ONLY way to get one is to use one of our AE Upgrade Cards. Upgrading or buying ACs through any other method (mail-in, paypal, Cherry Credits Card, SMS, etc) will NOT get you the pet!

Decisions, decisions!
Artix Entertainment Upgrade Cards!

The End Of the First Vampire/Lycan War

It’s nearly over, and it looks like the Werewolf King and his army of Lycans will be taking the Valley of Death from Safiria and her Vampire kin.

Once the war has been won, the War Boss will open for EVERYONE, with new member and non-member drops and 2 very informative cutscenes.

We prepared 2 War Bosses at the start of the war and once the war hits 100% the War Boss will be decided the future of the Darkovia storyline will be locked into place for future generations of players.

No matter which side you fought on, you have become a permanent part of shaping AQW. You did battle for your side in AQW’s FIRST Vampire/Lycan war.

Again, no matter which side you chose… you represented your faction and did battle for your side. You should be proud.

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