Coming this Friday!

The Rare (and delicious) Choco-bunny

Who says you can’t play with your food? The highly-anticipated & super-rare Choco-bunny Pet is almost here! But the ONLY way to get your hands on this scrumptious poly-morphing critter is by purchasing one of our Upgrade Cards,available in a store near you! The Choco-bunny will be available for a limited time starting this Friday, March 26th, so if you really love chocolate, or if you really love transforming bunny pets, or a combination of both, then there is no better time to get your AE Upgrade Card! Read more on the Design Notes

Sunlight melts him…and moonlight transforms him!

Did you know that every AE game has a special Choco-bunny themed item? If you Upgrade your account in DragonFable,MechQuestAdventureQuest, or EpicDuel with an Artix Entertainment Upgrade Card, you can get a rare choco-bunny item unique to that game! Head on over to your favorite game’s webpage and check out your just desserts item, available this Friday!

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