=AQW= Going Green for Good Luck Day! – Newsletter

Rainbows are a sign of good luck, and one has just appeared high in the sky over Lore. But thanks to the dastardly deeds of Monochrome and Lucky Harms, this natural prismatic phenomenon has been shot down and it is up to you to put an end to their reign. Help the Woodland Faeries and Roy “G” Biv on some important quests to save Good Luck Day from these unlucky (and well armed) bosses. If you prove victorious, celebrate Good Luck Day in style with Lore’s first ever rockin’ Shamrock Fair, full of mini-games, golden tickets, and never-before-seen prizes!

Missed out on last year’s Good Luck Day event? Or did you accidently sell those leprechaun-laden items for oodles of gold a long time ago? Either way, you are in luck: last year’s Seasonal Rare items are returning with a 2010 tag on them, along with a bundle of new Lucky Items just for this special time of year. Some of the items you can expect to find include:

•Leprechaun Armor ’10 (the Class version has gone rare!)
•Clover Staff of Ice ’10
•Mog-O’Rahilly Pet
•Sword of Caledonia
•Three Leaf Clover Mace
•And many more!

What Fair would be complete without minigames? The Shamrock Fair has a bunch of new minigames that you can play and win oodles of Golden Tickets. Win enough Golden Tickets and unlock Seasonal Rare Items, including weapons, helms, and pets! Test your luck in the following minigames and try to beat the High Score:

•Smack a Sneevil—Smack ‘n Whack pesky Sneevils ‘til they don’t come back!
•Jackpot O’ Gold—Test your strength (and your luck) with this classic carnival game!
•Hedge Maze—Can you find the secret well in the middle of this massive maze?
•Clover Fields—Watch for the last shiny clover and pick it for the highest Ticket prize!
•Rainbow Run—Play a Sneevilchaun and collect as many Gold Coins as you can!

Wanna earn 2x the amount of Golden Tickets? You can purchase a Lucky Hat from the Fair-y Faeries in front of the Shamrock Fair to double your Golden Ticket payouts!

Thank you everyone who submitted your ideas to the Darkovia Designs, Inc thread currently posted on the Forums. We have received so many great ideas and suggestions on this massive post from you and your fellow players that we just had to add more items into our newest Rep Shops. Head on over to the Lycan and Vampire Rep Shop Keepers to get your hands on brand-new player-inspired items… if your Rep is high enough, that is!

•Chaotic Vampire Armor
•Vampire Bat Pet
•SpiritWolf Armor
•Blade of Twilight (no, it does not sparkle)
•And more!

Need more Rep? Head to Darkovia and speak to Brysin of the Vampire Clan or Faopaw of the Lycan Pack to build up your favorite faction’s reputation by helping them on Daily Rep Quests. More quests will be offered in future releases (along with new items), so continue to fight for your side to build up that Rep!

Battle On!
Artix, Beleen, Cysero, and the AQW Team

P.S. We would like to thank everyone who has been sending in suggestions, ideas and drawings on the official Darkovia suggestion thread. Thank you so much!

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