AQWorlds Design Notes – Shadowslayer Z

Explore the haunted forest of Darkovia

The foreboding gates leading into Darkovia have finally been opened. You carefully journeyed inside the graveyard flooded with skeletal mages, rattlebones, and albino bats as you helped either the Lycan pack or Vampire clan take down the dreaded undead werewolf, Blightfang. But new dangers impede your path as you make your way to Queen Safaria’s Castle. Luckily, a Shadowslayer by the name of Z is willing to help… in exchange for your services on some important missions to defeat the overpowered Arch Lich of the forest! Slaying the Lich is the only way to discover the real threat endangering Darkovia and her inhabitants… Read more on the Design Notes

  • New Map: Darkovia Forest
  • Lich of the Stones Boss, with 4 wicked item drops
  • An all new Darkovian cutscene
  • 2 new mobs—the Dire Wolf and Blood Maggot
  • Shadowslayer Z—our newest NPC
  • 12 New Vampire, Werewolf, and Shadowslayer Items
  • A new Quest Reward Item—Big Wolf Slaying Axe
  • Dire Wolf pup pet, the perfect canine companion

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