Vampire Week!

Happening Now: The 5th Lord of Chaos revealed!

Behold…. Safiria! She is the beautiful and undying Queen of the Vampires. Her romanesque Castle towers can be seen from the furthest corners of the haunted forest. You must travel to the Castle in Darkovia immediately. The 5th, and most powerful, Chaos Lord is being revealed! The fate of the world depends on you gaining a personal audience with the Vampire Queen. It will not be easy…. to get inside the Castle you will have to earn the trust of the Vampires!
Read more on the Design Notes

Special Bonus Release: A special Full Moon Shop with were-pets will open during the full Moon on Sunday!

Lycan Attack
Vampire Knight vs Werewolves.

  • New Zone: Safiria’s Vampire Castle
  • Vampire Reputation added to the game
  • New shops & items will unlock as you gain reputation!
    • Vampire Knight Armor
    • Count Mogula pet
    • Safiria’s Temper Sword
    • Vampire Moglin Pet
    • … much more!
  • Also: 7 new non-member weapons and helm drops
  • New Cutscene! 5th Lord of Chaos Revealed
  • 2 new monsters, including a mini-boss
  • 7 new quests (with 2 item rewards)
  • New Daily Quests for Vampire rep!
  • Get Darkovia Wallpapers at
  • Full Moon Shop opens on Sunday

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