AQWorlds Design Notes – Therewolf!

The Werewolf King and Lycan Rep Shop!

Welcome to Werewolf Week Friday! It’s time to enter Lycan Ridge and see if you can convince the Werewolf King to join you and Shadowlsayer Z against Wolfwing… and maybe find out a few secrets about Wolfwing!

Constantine, the Werewolf King!

In addition to the Lycan section of the Darkovia Quest Chain, we are also releasing the Lycan Rep Shop for those of you who fall on the werewolf side of the Vampire/Werewolf fence.

Werewolf Armor, and Sanguine!

The rep shop contains:

  • 2 New Armors!
  • 3 New Swords!
  • 2 New Pets!
  • 1 New Cape!
  • 3 New Helms!

Not to mention several brand new items dropping off of Sanguine and his Chaos Vampire Knight minions!

In addition: due to a large amount of player reuqests, Rep Rewards for the Vampire Rep quests have been increased and the Werewolf Rep quests match them.

Randor also kindly added a few new Darkovia wallpapers to our Wallpaper Site!

Have a great weekend guys! Awooo else.

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