AQWorlds Design Notes: Where? Wolves?

His lycanthropic curse is worse than his bite

Below is a behind the scenes sneak peek at the newly remade Werewolf King for this week’s hair raising release. (Shhh…. I snuck it from Cysero’s computer for you.)

Werewolf King Redo
Werewolf King Redo

New Rare Item Guide

We could use your help creating the categories that describe rare items. It is a very tough decision. The goal is to make it really easy to tell if an item is available, how hard it is to get, or if it will be coming back again. Please let us know your thoughts… especially if you are a rare item hunter… we are getting close to decision time!
Official Item Rarity Guide Thread

THE PTR – Enhancements, XP & Gold

We added 840 new enhancements to the database. Yesterday was “check every item in the game for bugs day”. Today, we are going to super boost the XP rewards from one-time-only quests (Example: Story Line Quests.) Also, we are working on a few new daily quests to help you level up when we raise the level cap to 30.
Help test on the PTR (Currently Members Only)

Forum Question: It is time for a new contest…. what kind of contest would you like?

* … time travel faeries raiding my DNs again!

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