An Arcade Award

There are great and bad prizes won in the arcade. The most common is 50 credits award. The most rare is the Hoverbike, of course. I have already seen a bunch of Epic Duel players owning the Hoverbike. Mostly Tech Mages and Bounty Hunters, so far I’ve seen zero Mercenaries.

Here is a picture of the 50 credits award and what it looks like:

5 Responses

  1. Why is it low quality? I know you can do better…

  2. I didn’t know i was going to get the 50 credits award. You know it comes random Cranicar.

  3. i’m lvl 16 and i beat like 26 people in a row run out of the tokens soooo i kept doin it now i’ve got a hoverbike and here is a tip put your strenght up then use bezerker or just put max hibrid armor with has a big effect and u will win like crazyyyy!

  4. plz leave a reply where is the arcade!!!!!!!!!im sick of searchin and failing

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