Epic Duel Contest – Free 2,000 Varium Code

For this contests I will not need your password. Do step 1st before trying to get the code. Just comment the following…

1. Comment Epic Duel Username and any E-mail
2. Get The word

How do you get the word, you may ask? Just keep clicking “Free Varium” button. One lucky person will get the word. The more you click it, the more you will get the chance to get it. There are three buttons, each link to different domains. Does domains will give you the same words, but at one time. Once you get the word comment it…




Remember, this is not the code… It’s the word that you need for the code.

The more you click ’em. The luckier you will get…

15 Responses

  1. username:edric111

  2. word is hoverbike.. nopw plz cud u gimme the code?

  3. username: adrianoli

  4. 1. linku
    2. kylelin78@gmail.com
    3.extra secret info

  5. Where does the word appear?

  6. 1. Bob Saget
    2. BeelTheEpic@yahoo.com

  7. Secret word is: Secret.

  8. please stop guessing…

  9. username:jianithin

  10. OMG, I refresh it and got word free. Can ig et my epic duel varium now? My username is dex…

  11. I sent the code to your E-mail. Congrats, but next time submit your name and email first…

  12. Username: alkenchurch

  13. my user their now how do it

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