Hi guys! Guess who I met? Cysero! I met him somewhere in January. He told me that he likes to play fair so he doesn’t wear the founder armor. I think he is a higher level now, like level 30, But, i am really behind. I’m only level 27. Funny right? When I was battling with him I thought we were gonna lose, but, at the end everyone said “gg” (good game) and we won!

Here’s An Image Of Cysero and I:

Sorry, I was on low graphics.

6 Responses

  1. Cool, where are you?

  2. Im in epic server world 6 and at Hank’s Workshop

  3. Dude, how can I contact you? I need to talk to you.

  4. I also met Tomix who is a lvl 28 when i first battled him in 2 vs 2. My friend Orangee met Tomix when he is a lvl 30 bounty hunter. HEHEHE, it seems we’ve met a mod (staff) ;D

  5. Cranicar contact me at

  6. im so lucky that a few hours ago i met another mod named Cinderella, shes a lvl 30 BH who has an ice sword. Cool eh?

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