New Emperor Rank

As some of you don’t know this, Epic Duel has a new rank called “Emperor”. You have to win 25001 times in order to get this rank. Maybe you guys know that “Gamal” already has this awesome rank.

Here is a list of wins for the ranks:

Civilian- 0 Wins

Rookie- 1-10 Wins

Fighter- 11-50 Wins

Soldier- 51-150 Wins

Veteran- 151-300 Wins

Warrior- 301-1000 Wins

Champion- 1001-2000 Wins

Hero- 2001-5000 Wins

Warlord- 5001-10000 Wins

Commander- 10001-25000 Wins

Emperor- 25001 Wins

Here is a image of the Emperor rank:

2 Responses

  1. So cool
    U guyz Know my ranking:Emperor

  2. Who are u ALWAYS BEG TO WIN?

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