RARE Non-Member Pet!

Intricuding the White Chibi Tiger Non-Member Pet!

Today we introduced our first “eaisly to get” non-member pet! The White Chibi Tiger!


As promied, we have added the 2 Chibi Tiger pets to the Chinese New Year shop today (with more items coming on Monday), but no one expected a non-member pet to appear in the shop for only 300 ACs!

Well… surprise!

As the Year of the Tiger only rolls around once every 12 years, you can rest assured that this pet is RARE and will not be returning next year (or ever again, maybe we’ll do a golden tiger in 2022).

300 ACs is fairly easy to get, using the AExtras page (make sure you have a REAL but SECONDARY e-mail set up to avoid possible spam!) and even the basic 3 month membership comes with 1000 ACs standard!

We expect to see a LOT of these little guys running around (the fact that pets generate lag is one reason that we normally limit pets to members only) but remember that we are removing this little guy from AQW FOREVER sometime on WEDS, FEB 17th! This is your ONLY chance to grab one, and every single one of the thousands of new players that join every day after the 17th will be amazingly jealous of your Rare Non-Mem White Chibi Tiger pet!

Have a Fortunate Year of the Tiger… or else!

Copyright to the artix entertainment llc.

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