Heroes Heart Day & Chinese New Year!

A 2 For 1 Celebration!

Every year around this time Big Daddy opens the gates to the Forest of Infinite Terror to lovers and the heart Broken alike, with the simple goal of making sure that everyone finds True Love (As long as their wallets are deep enough)!

Big Daddy Now In AQW!

Click the “Town Love” button in Battleon to visit Big Daddy and see if you have what it takes to become one of his Special Case Workers! If you can help the handsome prince of Munder win the affections of his beautiful princess then you will gain Access to more than 20 Special Holiday rares, including 5 new armors (counting the one that drops off of Kewpid)!

HHDArmored SnuggleBear Armor and the Heart Sabre 10!

You will also unlock the “Hero’s Heart” achievement badge in your Book of Lore! (We have also added Achievement Badges for Vath, Kitsune and both of their Chaos beasts!)

This week we also begin our Chinese new year celebration in Akiba and Battleon!

akibaPrincess Miko in Akiba!

This is your first chance to get the seasonal and premenant rares that come from the year of the Tiger celebration!

Talk to the Akiba Guard in Battleon and complete all 3 of his quests in order to complete Miko’s quest. Princess Miko might even reward you with one of 3 bonus Lucky Envelopes that you can turn into Obaasan for FREE BONUS GOLD! Happy Year Of The Tiger!

Items Just Released!

-The return of 8 Seasonal Valentine Rares
-14 Brand-New Heroes Hearts Day Items
-2 New Maps for the Celebrations
-An all-new cutscene, guaranteed to make you LOL (says Beleen)
-5 blooming New Years flowers for your house
-A Paper Tiger Helm for the New Year’s new look
-12 new Quests to get you in the spirit of things!
-and 2 adorable Chibi Tiger pets, just waiting to be snuggled (coming Monday with several OTHER new items!

Have a Great Heroes Heart Day everyone! Who loves ya, baby?

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