Epic Duel Faction – Need Your Help

Hello Guys, My faction in epic duel currently sucks. We got 39,535 Influence and 195 Contribution. Please if you are a high level or if you play Epic Duel A lot, write your E-mail and I will contact you… I am making Officers who get 150 Wins or if you give us 200 Tokens for the Faction. Anyways, Submit you E-mail and I will send you an E-mail…

9 Responses

  1. kylelin78@gmail.com
    you were asking me so where are you?

  2. this rulez dude yours is better than mine cause i dont have a faction im very poor but you rock

  3. ok i’ll help you

  4. tinodfaq@yahoo.com

    lvl 6 i’ll help you I need to get in a faction

  5. tinodfaq@yahoo.com

    now lvl 7

  6. lvl 12

    email: genghonz@yahoo.com.sg

  7. i don’t know how to invite people inyo a factoin on epic duel how do you do it?

  8. email: jcarvargtz@hotmail.com

  9. Hey, my name on the game is riotrocker and i was looking for a faction to join i’m level 13 that’s not very good but i was hopeing you would send me a invite that’s would be awesome hit me back on a e-mail if you want to get back at me

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