Darkovia Designs, Inc

Vampires & Lycans, listen up!

Hello everyone! Who is ready to continue their journey into Darkovia? *frantically waves hand* Oh I know I am… which is why I am making this post so early on in the week! We are going to explore more of Darkovia come Friday and we wanna use your ideas. I know you have some great plans… so tell us about them!


I have just made a special post on the Forums called Darkovia Designs, Inc. Use this thread to post all of your wonderful Vampire and Werewolf ideas so that we can implement them into our newest zone. We are looking for anything that comes to mind regarding werewolves, vampires, Werepyres, and various other spooky things: weapon designs, armor ideas, dangerous mission plots, and monster creations, to name a few.

This thread will be available for the remainder of this zone. So there is plenty of time to come up with as many ideas as you want to—so tell us what you want to see in game and we will do our best to make it happen!

Remember, AQWorlds thrives off the ideas from you and your friends… so the more ideas you give us, the more stuff we can put in the world of Lore!

I can’t wait to see what awesomely awesome ideas you come up with. Make haste, my Vampiric & Lycan kin, for this week’s release is only a few days away =D

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