AQWorlds Town Love & Big Daddy’s Quest Cheats

In The Mood Quest
Item Location: Mood Slime in Love

Description: First things first, baby! I need to you to go to clear out the forest of some pesky Mood Slimes. They’re all pink and rosy until it absorbs you and starts to digest your arms. Bad for tourism. Bring me 5 Mood Slime Rings as proof!

Items Required: Mood Slime Ring x5

  • 50 Gold
  • 50 Exp

Hedge Trimming Quest
Item Location: Dropped by Love Shrub from Love

Description: Don’t you think my assistants did a great job decorating the forest? Well not everyone agrees. Especially the Love Shrubs (who also got decorated). Let those bully bushes know that BIG DADDY is in charge now. Bring me 8 Love Twigs to show me the job is done!

Items Required: Love Twigs x8

  • 150 Gold
  • 100 Exp

Bear Hugs Quest
Item Location: Dropped by Huggy Bear from Love

The Huggy-Bears have to be the grumpisest residents of the Forsest of Infinite Terror. People come here to see huge, warm, fuzzy, cuddly beary-wearskins and they find those guys. If someone doesn’t put them in their place, we’ll get bad travel reviews! Bring me 4 Tufts of Huggy-Bear Fur to let me know you’ve shown them the light.

Items Required: Huggy Bear Fur x4

Stoopid Kewpid Quest
Item Location: Dropped by Kewpid from Love

I’m a pretty likable guy, Baby… but there’s no pleasing some people. Deep down inside the Wishing Well in the forest lives a guy called Kewpid. He used run the Love business but he stand up to the competition. Rather than taking defeat like a good sport he tries to ruin a lot of my best laid plans. Go deliever a message to him. Tell him to “take it like a cherub!”. Come back when you’ve defeated him.

Items Required: Defeated Kewpid x1

  • 250 Gold
  • 200 Exp

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