Chaos Shogun Showdown! – AQWorlds Cheats Update Design Notes

The Yokai Isle final boss fight

This is the moment you have all been waiting for… all of your questing, training shall be put to the ultimate test! Travel to the monster filled Yokai isle, and face the shapeshifting Chaos Lord, Kitsune!
See the design notes for more

This battle is unlike anything you have experienced so far. A full group of 5 well-armed players is the only shot you have at damaging the extremely powerful Level 20 Chaos Lord. Kitsune’s sneaky tricks and shape-shifting abilities make this Chaos Boss the toughest to date… and there is no turning back now. Defeating Chaos Lord Kitsune is the only way to restore tranquility to Yokai Island… and to the entire world of Lore!

The Yokai Isle finale release includes

  • 44 NEW Items total
  • 17 new Yokai-themed House Furnishings
  • 2 new cutscenes by Miltonius
  • 4 new Daily Rep quests for Good and Evil player
  • Added 3 Good & 3 Evil Reputation Weapons
  • Quibble Coinbiter will be in town with 14 never-before-seen items
  • Chaos Lord Boss Fight: 1st Shapeshifting boss
  • 7 item drops from Chaos Lord Kitsune

This is the Chaos Shogun Showdown… and we are all counting on you. Make haste, my friend—fight bravely, fight smart, and most importantly, battle on!

Copyright © 2009 Artix Entertainment, LLC.

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