Become A Author/ Editor for This Cheats Blog

Hey Guys! I am offering spots for the blog, if you wanna join include the following in a comment.

1. E-mail

2. What do you wanna work for?

3. Do you want high responsability?

4. Are you quick with news?

5. Agree to not post useless posts and only post necessary information

You will receive an E-mail subjected as “You’ve Been Asked To Join as Author/ Editor ” and I will show you some things that you need to include in the post…

3 Responses

    (i will post aqworlds and epicduel)

  2. 1.
    2. Editor Or Author
    3. No
    4. Kind of…
    5. I Agree
    I shall post Epic Duel News if anyone didn’t

  3. Hi my name is joey and i would like to edit this site.
    I would like to have high responibility.
    i would like to post epic duel stuff. i am a lvl 27 but may be lvl 28 once you read this.
    i am good with code. so i can use java real well. plus i am the 2nd fastest typer in my high school of about 700 people. i have a job but i cannot state what it is.
    thank you. i hope that you choose me.

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