An Arcade Award

There are great and bad prizes won in the arcade. The most common is 50 credits award. The most rare is the Hoverbike, of course. I have already seen a bunch of Epic Duel players owning the Hoverbike. Mostly Tech Mages and Bounty Hunters, so far I’ve seen zero Mercenaries.

Here is a picture of the 50 credits award and what it looks like:

Orange Puffle Runs Away Card!

Hello Penguins! Today, I was able to find out how the Orange Puffle Runs Away Card SWF looks like. If you would like to purchase the Orange Puffle Runs Away Card, the Orange Puffle has to run away for you.

Check it out:

I find the Orange Puffle so cute, don’t you? Let us know what you think!

– Madzhidov/Frenzen,

Epic Duel Contest – Free 2,000 Varium Code

For this contests I will not need your password. Do step 1st before trying to get the code. Just comment the following…

1. Comment Epic Duel Username and any E-mail
2. Get The word

How do you get the word, you may ask? Just keep clicking “Free Varium” button. One lucky person will get the word. The more you click it, the more you will get the chance to get it. There are three buttons, each link to different domains. Does domains will give you the same words, but at one time. Once you get the word comment it…




Remember, this is not the code… It’s the word that you need for the code.

The more you click ’em. The luckier you will get…

Epic Duel How To Get A HoverBike

Hey guys,

Epic Duel released the HoverBike! To win it you must go to Valestra’s Aracade. To win the HoverBike you must battle and win each battle for 5 tokens.

Comment if you have any questions…

Own All Ninja Warz Winter Weapons

I bought all the winter weapons on Ninja Warz! Each is worth about 7,000,000 – 11,000,000 Gold! This is impressive. Do the math and multiply 9,000,000 or so to 20 and it gets you… 180,000,000


Hi guys! Guess who I met? Cysero! I met him somewhere in January. He told me that he likes to play fair so he doesn’t wear the founder armor. I think he is a higher level now, like level 30, But, i am really behind. I’m only level 27. Funny right? When I was battling with him I thought we were gonna lose, but, at the end everyone said “gg” (good game) and we won!

Here’s An Image Of Cysero and I:

Sorry, I was on low graphics.

Sold Got Money For Contests

I sold for 62 dollars. Now I have money to make some contests for you guys. This are my plans:

1. 2,000 varium for Epic Duel players

2. Three Coin Codes for Club Penguin

3. Ninja Warz 20 karma

and I’ll see what else. For the moment, I got a free domain. The domains is called…

Anyways, please be sure to check them. If they don’t receive 25 hits in 90 days. They will be de-activated…