Epic Duel Cheats Update- Beta Items!

Hey guys! Beta items are here and I got them! YAY! They are awesome! Check them out, they are in your inventory. If you are not founder and did not get this items. Look at the pictures: They are sweet…

Note: This items will not be able to get in future, if hacked you will get disabled…

7 Responses

  1. are u holding an other contest?

  2. plss give me some bazzoooka?>

  3. some one stal all my $$$ and i hald 1000

  4. Epic Duel plss give me some bazzoooka

  5. yoo

  6. OMG i want these…

  7. hey my accounts name is Ipusniper. i play sometimes only on legion server if you want to add im at house 1234567889

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