Epic Duel – Free Varium and Founder Achievement Give Away #2

Contest Over! Winner is: MR.SINISTER

Okay, I gave my last Founder Achievement last time. I bought another one since I got lots of money from Christmas. I will give it to a lucky winner here. So… Hope you win. Just as last time, enter your User Name and E-mail. I will E-mail you the Card Number. I am founder. I am trying to find a glitch on how to get lots of credit. I can’t get much, I am anyways retraining so I waste it all the time. Anyways, please, just enter your User name and E-mail. No password needed.

306 Responses

  1. HI LORDOC ,


  2. Username:

  3. Hiya, I will really hope you give it to me since i can’t buy it cause i live in Asia. So please try to let me win.

  4. Username: Puggy Puddle
    Email: aqw.support@gmail.com

  5. My account username is legendkiller2468

  6. ty for vyour generocity

  7. please give some i really mean it!

  8. please

  9. Hello i hope i win i got no paypal or stuff i would love it if you picked me thx .
    GL by Kira

  10. I hope I get the varium. Please let me get it? I’m always getting beat up by varium people, and I want to change that. I’ll even throw in some dragonfable cheats if you let me get the varium. It’s a trainer btw, the cheats.

  11. Lord Safari

    I forgot to post my email and username.

  12. linku

  13. Hi please give it too me. I have just started the game and played for 2 days.
    I’m currently lvl 13 and eager for a better account. My mercanary is ok but i just wanted to feel big in the big leagues using a a stronger account.

  14. please give me the upgrade card pin
    im always losing to founders

    username tim2468
    email mr1713@att.net
    plz give me the upgrade

  15. i forgot to leave my email
    It is legendkiller12324@yahoo.com
    and my username is legendkiller2468

  16. i hop i get th draw i shore need a boost oollll
    V lll

  17. This is a scam believe me!!! he hack my acc. i dont know how did he do that i didn’t tell my password but he actually hack my account!!!

  18. my username:mamaw39004

  19. GIV ME PLS VARIUM Account is Thallas

  20. PLS GIVE ME VARIUM acount is Kidney THANKS YOU

  21. Thanks for this great oppurtunity, I hope I win.
    I assure that i will make good use of this account.

    Username: DSR

    E-mail: dsrrules@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much, I really hope that you give it to me.

  22. user name: grandmaster11

    e-mail: jrusso_23@yahoo.com

  23. ok ill tell you my username and password if you give me varium, i have 40000 cost, and me 27 level. I am bounty hunter. and have coll armours

  24. hi i would really like varium to get lots of cool stuff
    gd luck evry1!

  25. i 4got to give my user and email


  26. Username: Dalek Caan
    Email: gjdoctorwho@gmail.com

  27. hi can i please have it, i live in africa you can’t buy vaurim also i can’t afford it I play on the only computer in the libary so can i please , please have it. please and thank-you

  28. can i have it my parents think its a waste of money and my friends wont give it to me please n ty e-mail me if i win *fingers crossed *

  29. plz i beg of u to give me the code…….PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZ!
    USERNAME: Moneyrich
    Email: muhammad_wolfy@yahoo.co.uk

  30. i really want this so if u could give would be great

  31. Username: flame22
    Email: seth_frame@yahoo.com
    hope i win 😉 haha funny youtube post nice job. love you **kisses ** LOL
    hope u have fun on Epic Duel

  32. username: aslen
    email: ben@theeisbergs.us

  33. i need varium so bad username:pindoko987


  35. plezzzz!!! i need varium
    help out a black guy

  36. i really need this

  37. or email how to hack if u know how

  38. xxbalverinexx2

    email: is red.gi@hotmail.com
    thx i really hope u give me the varium

  39. Username: Sambel
    E-mail: farrelrizky@yahoo.co.id

  40. first of all i want to say that your a legend giving away a founder account
    and can you please pick me because i will throw in a good mechquest account with heaps of creditds only if you chose me because i l00ve epic duel

  41. Hope I win

  42. user name: dragonflameblazer

    e-mail ksoe321@yahoo.com

  43. username: SGC145

    email: stewart_chen143@yahoo.com

  44. Sorry I forgot my Username its Sharvin

  45. Username: DragoNoob
    Email: evgenij93@inbox.lv

  46. My acc is Kidney pls give me varium und armor THX and my email is R.Bobes@seznam.cz

    Thank you in advance and I would be very grateful if you did it to me thanks and good luck in life Yo


  47. Im desperate for some varium, i cant buy it coz my parents wont let me
    email: robinbillabermudez@hotmail.com
    user: robin@hm.com

  48. Why do guys take it seriously


  49. i dont know how to do it

  50. Plz give me varium i will give you 500000 credit

  51. please give me some vairum/founder so i can show my friends whos boss my name is masterbait95

  52. please give me any varium package with founder armor. i look like a total loser everywhere, plz plz
    user: draygongurl
    email: cheekymonkey_34@rocketmail.com

  53. ahmm yes , sir i know that you are gaving a founder armor and a free varium , we are so many asking it .. im asking if u will gave me a free varium and founder armor yes i came from philippines this is my email address neilvinaguit@ymail.com im sincerly begging for you .. i hope you can help me and by the wayy thank you .//

  54. My acc is Kidney pls give me varium/founder THX and my email is R.Bobes@seznam.cz and my character is Mage and my mage nick Xastral
    Thank you in advance and I would be very grateful if you did it to me thanks and good luck in life Yo


  55. My Acc is zaklinacbenes and my email lkei@seznam.cz pls gime varium … THX BYE

  56. Username: Wolverine 15

    hey i have always wanted to be a founder or a mem but i dont have the money so thxs for evey advice
    hope u pick me please:))

  57. i want varium cos i dont want to waste muh moneh plz

  58. if u could anyway give me 500

  59. hey can you give me a free varium my account is waynekyler wish you luck this 2010!

  60. Hey mate can i put my entery. I hope it’s not to late.If it isn’t then heres my username and email.
    email: ggreg96@gmail.com

    Thanx for ur time,

    have a gday mate!

  61. I hope its not too late,

    i wish im a founder.

    i hope you can help more deserving people.

    my email is flashroid_dan@yahoo.com

    my account name is exzodia


    have a good day!

    may god blessed you!

  62. username:grandel


  63. i really need to have varium cauze my account got hacked and i am lvl 6 i lost everything from me can i please have varium and armor to have items again…thx!!

  64. i really need to have varium cauze my account got hacked and i am still lvl6 i lost everything from me can i please have varium and armor to gave hings to buy or wear again…. ty…. username:matthew33 email:matthewberenguer@yahoo.com

  65. sir i nedd a free varium // my email is neilvinaguit@ymail.com

  66. Username give me pls and my others username first Username Is: Kidney
    next : Koky.cz next :Necross

    email R.Bobes@seznam.cz

    THANKS PLS GIVE ME THAAANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. I want to have a varium becuse i am level 30 and other people keep killing me.

    email: changuannjen@hotmail.com
    Username: Adolf Chan

  68. username:ovis01

  69. Pls Varium.
    Username: Darksy
    Email: MatiForever777@gmail.com

  70. Just Use Bill My Parents.

  71. i won but i never recieved the email

  72. Email: zurgdude@yahoo.com

  73. i need some variums because i just a lvl 15 and people always have new weps and new helms and they brag.i tell them to please stop! and they wont and i feel bad that i dont have any variums.i feel like im apore?
    but if i win i would be glad and show my friends so we could get alonge and i am a mage kindly asking u for variums :}

    also i would be happyer then ever and to wish i could be like u and help epicduel!From.masterlogan nasear@aol.com http://www.aol.com thank you

  74. user name masterlogan password masterss
    if i could win i would give u a lvl 28 account of my other account.but 1st i must please win.

  75. i know someone won and congragulations mr.sinister!!!

  76. Email: Vergfox@gmail.com
    Username: Vergfox786

  77. pls make me varium

  78. i want to have it because i think i can alot my account lvl 28 and i feel very sad because i loses to lvl 22 with founder armour and there varium it hurts to see it

  79. hey bro thanks for doing this. good luck everyone on winning 🙂

  80. give me varium plssssssssssss i need weapons and armor

  81. i need damn money so much : alif

  82. my user name is axlyon and my email is alexshannon97@yahoo.com

  83. WOW!

  84. 😦

  85. i have two level 30 accounts to giveaway all i ask i for a level 18 account in darkorbit

  86. I keep losing!I really need varium. If u give it to me ill give u a free hack to get lots of credits in epicduel plz

  87. Noo you fag! I don’t hack…

  88. hey i need varium plz give some

    email is bleachboy5@yahoo.com


  89. hi dude i really need varium i have been playing all artix entertainment games so long i really need to get varium and show people how strong i am my name in epic duel is future guardian

  90. user:wallfall

  91. hey plsssss help me my friends are embarrasing me plssss give me kimbarte65@rocketmail.com

    your friend

  92. hi there matey. it would be very usefull to me and i would very much appreciate it. thanks ; )

    Username: boyzone
    E-MailAdress: spraggon_93@hotmail.com

  93. hi… my user name is min456 and my e-mail is naruto_artix@yahoo.com

  94. hi my username is exodusgod1
    and my email is kenny12265@hotmail.com plz plz giv me stuff i started yesterday and i love the game 🙂

  95. Username: Humoks91

  96. pls give me varium and i want to be a founder thanks !!
    im very happy that i clicked this button at google im very happy

    thanks 😀

  97. give me a varium please

  98. listen someone email me there user an pass for epic duel i will only put 10k varium on the account


    p.s player must be lvl 20 an above

  99. user:tom3354

    email- gerron_gwapo@yahoo.com

  100. can u give me varium because im always losing ,to another player who has varium weapon.username:

  101. Hey i keep getting made fun of becuz i dont have any money or varium and its actually making me very depressed so i beg u 2 please help me

    Username: Hitthefloor
    Email: way2hot4upeople@gmail.com

  102. oh and btw i cant buy it bcuz im 12 and my mom wont let me

  103. Accout Name: BoniKing

    Email: Mattheuss2008@hotmail.com

  104. Hi can u plzz give me free varium u dont have to give me founder
    just plzz Username is:Eymar3 plz i begg you Email:Elmon-Metal@hotmail.com

  105. mi Username: machael1

  106. i need a free epicduel acc which is founder and lvl30

  107. i want VARIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. can u give me varium plz my user name is jallerkenath2000 and email k.enath@live.com sorry for shouting that i need varium so plz i need varium tnx for helping

  109. USER: master kupal

    EMAIL: cmarkernest@yahoo.com.ph

  110. My username is pepsicola591,ok and please give me varium and founder armor.The reason why I want the varium is because,people with varium always beat me in battles and I want to turn that around.It would mean alot to me if you give me varium and founder armor.

  111. Username:Exorcedes

    Please give me some I really need it.

  112. Username:Lerax Rendary

    Plz i need it so much.

  113. Username:llLuckyll

  114. Username:Shavoc

  115. Po queria acher o pin certo pra colocar ali em um bagui de artix cards

  116. Account name : Necross
    email: R.K.1995@seznam.cz

  117. i want to that free varium & i want to be a founder pls…

    Username: renbiejohn

  118. can i get varium all of my friend are bragging bout it and there rlly annoying plus im only co founder of a faction so its kinda sucks being the only person with out varium or founder

  119. Hey mate I dont know u but please share me ur variums because since u post it on youtube IM expecting u to to do as what u have said.=D



  121. hello my name is alex as u can see `that im lv 1 so plz give me varium and free money if u want to!

  122. if you can give me a member (a lvl 30 with beta or no beta weapons, but must have weapons) for epic duel i’ll trade you my mech quest account and my dragon fable account both upgraded if you like it then email to this addrress thats said to be required

  123. oops forgot my email…if you want a deal george-zilka@live.com

  124. hi my accaonu name is xeron5550
    email pomnik@seznam.cz

  125. user:trixxx999 email:trixxx999@inbox.lv

  126. hey dude,i could really use that varium etc.because im tired of walking around,and seeing all these people with these super weps.so if I win here’s my info.

  127. username : lolos2014

    email : lolos2012@live.com

    please i need varuim pleaseeeeeee

  128. pls give varium dude

  129. My user is Arthas077
    and my friends r teasing me alot for months now about them having varium and i dont

  130. my user is LordFirexdx

  131. I need varium



  132. my user : arniuxs2
    email : arniuxs12@gmail.com

  133. hi guy i like this video and pls
    pls bye bye ^^ my username is BraZZillian HuNTer

  134. Fire Lord Satan

  135. Please if you giv me this i will 1. giv you a dragon amulet dragonfable account and 2. giv you a site tht shows you hw to hack credits.


  136. username:arceus18

  137. im a player from haiti i love the game really do….i have evernbeen able to get anything because of the economy … i will realkyappreciatee it if i can onde gave something …. so i can help people someone wen i get old enough to pay….please pick me…..

  138. plz let me have the variam i am an orthan and hardly get on computer and dont get money my user is drdr21

  139. hey i need varium and founder because im jealous.so please me.my email is mddaniel_30@hotmail.com and username is rustbucket12345.

  140. i need u to help me. email is mddaniel_30@hotmail and username is rustbucket12345

  141. me ajude eu nao tenho cartao de credito para ter varium e eu costaria muito de ter entao por favor me ajude obrigado

  142. eu nao tenho cartao de credito para ter varium e eu costaria muito que vc me ajuda se por favor

  143. user name-lopocolo

    E-mail pedro_henrique_292@hotmail.com

  144. eu gostaria que vc me ajuda se a ter varium que eu gostaria muito de ter entao por favor me ajude

    user name-lopocolo


  145. i need free varium
    and credits

  146. i need some varium man i need it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plz give some to me meeeee

  147. and my username is aivaras123

  148. i mean darkness me

  149. username: soubrasileiro
    E-mail: felipelegal2008@hotmail.com

  150. i hope i win

    my acc adrianborja8

    my mail is adrianborja@ymail.com

  151. user: uchiha123


  152. i want free varium

  153. user: username17
    e-mail: muhammad_fauzanzzz@yahoo.com

  154. my username in epicduel = aqDAKbaek

    e-mail =hantu_ikmal@yahoo.com

  155. my username is mythdestroyer123

    my email is poppy08@slingshot.co.nz

  156. pls give me varium im so suckish im not winning so much pls

  157. my username is lefran123

  158. im a lvl 26 and im being pwnd everywhere! please help me get varium
    username: draygongurl
    email: cheekymonkey_34@rocketmail.com

  159. username:swift-wolf

  160. user name:lord lord sasuke

  161. username:soccer pwner
    email: soccers4life135@aim.com
    i really hope i get picked ill be happiest guy ever

  162. im gonna be the happiest guy ever

  163. username:ohyeahjason

  164. y me pueden buscar por kevinsan1

  165. user name:cedricpogi
    sir i hope iget the varium cause i really need it.

  166. sir i really need varium so plss give me some varium ty:)

  167. virgisxl@gmai.com my email

    virgisxl is my log-in

  168. can someone tell me how to get varium…?
    My email:ahmadfaizudin@gmail.com

  169. Hi,are you really giving out varium and founder?If yes i want some thx and your mage looks nice.

  170. i know how to get loads of credits

  171. i want to make my own faction so please

    username: FangBlade447
    email dragonfury09@gmail.com

  172. the only amount of varium i need is enough to create my own faction so please again!

  173. User name:roblox

    email: chaoticdragon@ymail.com

  174. PLZ IM POOR

  175. hi,i want varium cuz i really want to create my own faction,plus i lost SOO much now i got no credits…im broke. PLEASE HELP ME you must pick me and i’ll respect you for it…ok

  176. can i have varium

  177. user name kenay

  178. am i too late to enter my username is gapinator2

  179. if im not to late

  180. Name:Always Beg to win

  181. Name:Always Beg To win
    If im not too late,pls give me varium and i will pay u 1k american dollars.

  182. WHEN IS HE GONNA PICK THE WINNER?! MY OPPONENTS KEEP CALLING ME NOOB AND WEAKLING…:'( please help me…i won half as much as i lose…oooh im so sad…HELP MEEE!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  183. im so desperate!!!

  184. Really i just want Varium…I got bored of playing a normal account and since Im from Philippines i cant get Varium coz our currency is low…so pls..Im desperate…well..I dun sound that desperate.


  186. 😦 right now i only got 23 credits left!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i always lost…:'(
    i am so broke and poor,i always beg to let me win but they kept beating me!

    i want to show my opponent wat im made of!
    my mum doesnt let me use money on her credit card
    so please pick me

  188. username:Doom Vortex email:bao_kaiwen@ATS.leadmail.com.sg

  189. I’ve never had Varium before so… i really want it plzzzzz email me fast!!!!!!!!!

  190. username; pwnagepolice
    email; vnsrcommander@aol.com

  191. UserName:dzikri


  192. Username: MackMizzle

    Email: shanen_johnson@yahoo.com

    But, if anybody alredy has founder OR is a member of aq worlds I’m willing to give away a Star Captain Lvl 37 Or DragonLord Lvl 51 for 1…All I will need is an email address

  193. I swear 2 god that I WILL give it 2 U

  194. UserName: Da-Noob


  195. Email:RScharf090@yahoo.com

  196. username naruto225.6

    email rayrayloftom220@yahoo.com

  197. the mail up above the email is rayraylofton220@yahoo.com not loftom

  198. please OcMaster
    i really really really need that varium
    u see i use to hve varium then someone hacked my user and stole it and that was the only money i had since it was my birthday.
    please give me the varium
    i beg of u

    ur sincerely Takudzwa Furamera

  199. Hi
    Good luck on wining but i want to win too so.. 😀
    i hope we all win together but if someone win so Gratz to him

    Info :
    Username : Lightstumper502
    Email : dooody-502@hotmail.com
    And email about whos the winner so i can say *Grats* to him
    Bye Guys
    Good luck

    /\ /\
    | * * | < Fat dog 😀
    ( __ )

  200. hiyah im a girl and im hotchik on epic duel

    so thanks put me up plz im lvl30 well almost


  201. plz do it

  202. plz!! varium

  203. plz!! varium

  204. username:matheushg80

  205. hey umm i was wondering if you still have them i need them real bad they are like making fun of me cause i got no variums and so on my email is yea you know what it is hope it shows it

  206. hey umm i was wondering if you still have them i need them real bad they are like making fun of me cause i got no variums

  207. p.s my meai lis ace.vang@gmail.com master user accounts is thepro no space between it

  208. Username: Sri Raj

    E – mail address: kandala.sriraj@gmail.com

  209. i need varium please it rocks

  210. plz i need varium 🙂
    can u help me
    username: Don.Rottito

  211. my user name is compaqcomputor

  212. oops my email is joaquinc18@gmail.com

  213. hi my user is 111dodi please help me plz my mail is dodidarwish@hotmail.com plz if u want any more detalis send me an email

  214. help help help user 111dodi (no space!!!!!) email dodidarwish@hotmail.com (please help in varium please) i need them so please help me please itrust that u can help me so please please help me

  215. my user name is(111dodi)my email is dodidarwish@hotmail.com can u help me plz i need 10000 varium and 15000 cridits plz help me plz plz

  216. To get to the arcade go to>Upper City> Valencia’s Shop,> Keep going to the right and there is the arcade…

  217. username:mythdestroyer123
    plz give me varium i am getting betin up all the time.

  218. User:irman99

  219. user name:dirtcalon
    i would like variums and to be a founder. Im new and i would like to be come good as you but i need that stuff to do it
    Email: vgmaster2@yahoo.com

  220. I need varium! Please give me varium .

  221. user 111 dodi email dodidarwish@hotmail.com plz plz plz vzrium i a
    m a.ra

  222. user:princidark

  223. plzzzzz meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I beg you with my life!!
    i really really need credits and variums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. User 123456789kp
    email nyckinballer@yahoo.com

  225. hey man,i would not say “pls” for it it i rly want it so it would be cool and i will be very happy if you doit for me or for someone else i just want to do a try for test if im lucky
    character: noboone
    e-mail: niratoal@yahoo.com

  226. User = snowblaze
    email = aldz_129@yahoo.com
    thanks 🙂

  227. username:domse31 domse75@gmail.com plizzzzz give me free varium

  228. hey man is this a joke or not cuz i reallyy wanna get varium

    username: medo1997
    email : medo_harbid@hotmail.com

    btw the 1997 in the name aint myn im 14 years old and i dont have a visa LOL

  229. I need founder and varium cause i got picked on and harassed no body invites me to there faction if i say please, i get picked on in battle “look at the loser with spikey hair”, I treated lower levels nice i asked them if they wanted to win and i still let them win and all i have is 1450 credits. I hope you understand my story

    Email: Bmyers1998@comcast.net
    17 years old mature tech person.

  230. can you please give it to me?I really need it.all my friend have varium and they all meke funof me.so can u give it to me? my user name is nickoles

  231. Email:jnsmith281@yahoo.com

  232. can u give the free variums to my two accounts??

    thanku= you

  233. My email is
    please send me a card number please

  234. Hi, all my freinds are making fun of em because im not a founder and dont have any varium, so i would love to get it


  235. its me the dragonzDTZ guy and i beg u for it plzz all my friends have it and the y wont let me into their faction until i do plzz

  236. me want to be founder and have varium i see many people use varium pls.
    Name in epicduel:FrenzyDemon

  237. username: bob1647
    email: ecm1647@gmail.com

  238. hi can you please give me the code my dad wont let me payment so can you let me have the code user name shaheryar55 email syedshaheryar1999@hotmail.com

  239. plzz give me the varium



  240. sabit

    i realy hope this isent fake because
    i only get to play this on fridays

  241. Username: epicepic

    E-mail: ariel_salvador23@yahoo.com

    I want a varium !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. here is my user and email:

  243. username: ph03n1x
    e-mail: iskandarherputra@ymail.com
    need 10000 varium plz

  244. Username: Kukfitta

  245. email: zeke-97@live.com
    Username:The Swordmaster

    I think they gave me some varium on accident, then i got banned for a couple weeks… so if i get this, i might be able to show them… i didnt hack to get it. 🙂

  246. username : ElieSaad
    emal : saad_elie@hotmail.com

  247. Username: Kaminoamour

    e-mail: lil_pogi_flip@hotmail.com

  248. username: Kaminoamour

    e-mail: lil_pogi_flip@hotmail.com

    Wanted to see if on this small chance if i’d win 😛

  249. Username:kferjohn

  250. username:greenbook4

  251. username:EPICWARHERO e-mail:epicbattler@gmail.com

  252. i hope i win!

  253. email:shoma_74@hotmail.com

  254. and username marvmaster

  255. Skyralate

  256. i really need the varium becouse everyone is keep on beating me. so please give me varium becouse i need it to get stronger weapons. im a level 10 bounty hounter my username is zakizakizaki1 and email was zak.ar@hotmail.com

  257. i hat it wen people call me names with no founder
    or varium

  258. i hav 848 wins and 1298 losses

  259. me podrias ayudar a optener variun



    msn o mail: familiatoranzo@hotmail.com

  260. user name: garnaya

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  261. User Yahibado e-fart me K

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