Epic Duel Free Upgrade Membership Card – You Chance To Become a Founder

Contest Over! Winner: ardyzz

You guys want a Upgrade card from Artix Entertainment? I got the medium card. Just comment your username and E-mail and I will choose a lucky winner!

57 Responses

  1. username: Kilam
    email: kl_jt@yahoo.com.au

  2. username: Kilam

  3. My Username is platinumdragonlord. Email is artixthepaladin@gmail.com

  4. User:Redder


  5. user: linku
    Email you know it! but just in case kylelin78@gmail.com

  6. oops i posted two.

  7. username:ardyzz

  8. oh so good i hope i lucky and i founder here my id
    my name is white knight 142
    my e-mail is laodefaith@gmail.com thanks for you
    talk-talk you so greedy and you generous and not liar
    so i hope your not liar.

  9. username: aslen

  10. User: sharvin

  11. Username: Puggy Puddle
    Email: aqw.support@gmail.com

    I hope i win 🙂 Good Luck Everyone!

  12. pls give me i need the card pls becos im a noob everyone call me noob and my fren so rich buy so many the cash

  13. email is gohpeksiong@hotmail.com user is gohditto99

  14. i hope i win cause i am a loser in epic duel!

  15. user: hahayoudead

  16. Lord Safari

    Please choose me.

  17. luv ya ^^ i hope you choose me to win this artix card =3

  18. user acc:mamaw39004

  19. username: flintastikas

  20. choose me please please

  21. please please me e-mail me if i win please i luv u for life if u pick me peace *fingers crossed*

  22. USERNAME: SGC145


    pls choose me pls and tnx

  23. srry xxbalverinexx2 is user

  24. Acc Kidney and email R.Bobes@seznam.cz

  25. user : redder


  26. Master Account : AQWMaster1000

    Person inside : Bersekerwarrior

    email : Tyran.wt@hotmail.com

  27. please i need a upgrade card

    if you choose me
    very very thank you thanking you sincerly

  28. forgot about the email sorry (email) nellrafael.vergara@yahoo.com

    username(masteraccount) rafael18

    thank you sincerly

  29. PLZ can you get me varium and i need it very much
    and if im picked that would be realy great

    and THANKs

  30. please i have tried to get the credit card from my father but he said no plese i want varium very desprate from wali

  31. please i have tried to get the credit card from my father but he said no plese i want varium very desprate from wali user name night assissanator email rana_wali@yahoo.com

  32. hei !!!

    me user:allan walker
    me mail:Kairo63@hotmail.com

  33. LOGUIM:thalespedro

  34. User Name Gogeta8456 Password 29083013587830Manroop Email man_gm73@hotmail.com Here’s Another One DGenerationX123456 Password 29083013587830Gurnoor Same Email And Thats all

  35. Name:Novastar(Cheyne)

  36. i gave my epic duel user name if that’s ok

  37. username: were king
    email: se_balle@live.dk

  38. i hope i win

  39. Name:Novastar


  40. please epic duel upgrade my accont please, my play epic duel 10 hours per day upgrade my accont my imail is bruno9310@gmail.com

  41. USER-Moinuddin


    Please let me win I have been waiting for thihs moment

  42. my username is fordgt351 and my email is fordxrv8@hotmail.com

  43. username:slash0945


  44. username:slash0945


  45. my username is :slash094

    email is:jeffreyjorolan@ymail.com

  46. my email is lorenzoquiblat@yahoo.com

  47. my email is lorenzoquiblat@yahoo.com

    my username is : chris11234

  48. My user name is lalglack
    If you could get me some varium i would appreciate it very much. Thanks 😀

  49. my name in game is MAGEBLAZE 🙂
    i wish i will be have variums and card to upgrade my beloved mage 🙂

  50. please my mercenary give variums and beta item

  51. please give my mercenary a variums and credits

  52. someone send me a upgrade pin code plz

  53. my user name is sparks2709

  54. hey pls sen dme a upgrade card pin plzzzzzz

  55. heres mine


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