Happy New Year!

Engine… Start *Russian Accent* Yo! What’s up dudes. Happy new year, It’s 2010, I saw a movie called 2012, this russian guy was like Engine… Start, in a russian accent. It was wiked. Take this Coin Code and redeem to any item on Club Penguin, It’s unused. The Code Is… (Series 6: j8wypv2j5), Enjoy!

8 Responses

  1. Happy new year and i got the coin code thanks so much this has been great

  2. Dang, it was used -.-

  3. hey forgot me in epicduel what u told me i guess u lied again omg

  4. and its used lol

  5. Cool, Hope you keep visiting the website to try and win more!

  6. hey listen i am sorry ok happy now

  7. can u say code
    edvibli@gmail.com please

  8. hey you never send me the epicduel code for varium i won the contest
    here’s my user:wallfall
    p.s im lv 25

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