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This website will soon go to http://cranicar.com/ as you can see it already works. I am still working on it with my friend. It will be ready in about 1 month. Go visit it at http://cranicar.com/ to show your support. I will be adding a forum soon. Keep checking back!

We Made It To 400,000 Hits!

Hello everyone, thanks for the 400,000 views, but my real goal is 1,000,000 hits. Maybe we get there by the end of the year…

Club Penguin Cave Expedition Cheats

Credits to my good friend Remedy from http://remedyscpcheats.wordpress.com/

Hey guys the Cave Expedition event came up at the Mine. Here’s the entrance.

Get the Miners Hat and go in. As you go in, you find that there’s a machine that says ” Throw snowballs to turn on lights” Throw snowballs if the lights are off. After that, put on your miner’s hat and start digging.

Once you dig, something will pop up. You will gain the first fourth of the new pin.

Now do this 3 more times and another message will pop up. Click “Claim Prize” and then you’ll get the pin and access to the next room.

Now go to the next room which is covered by a boulder. Hover over it and you’ll get in.

Now when you enter, if you are a member, you can buy the item there. it is 50 coins. If you also are a member, you can get into the member room. In white I outlined the member room. You can see me in the background.

Here’s a glimpse of the room for non-members and the background for members.

What do you think of this awesome new place! Maybe we can have a party here. Anyway did you like my guide?


Club Penguin Times Issue #223

Today is Thursday , that means there’s a newspaper of the Club Penguin Times!
It even has more information on the rockslide and the secret cave,everyone is wondering what could be in the cave and don’t forget tomorrow we’ll find out.

The upcoming events in ”Club Penguin”.

January 22nd:

  • Cave expedition begins

January 29th:

  • New igloo music
  • New pin hidden

February 5th:

  • New clothing catalog

Epic Duel Cheats Update- Beta Items!

Hey guys! Beta items are here and I got them! YAY! They are awesome! Check them out, they are in your inventory. If you are not founder and did not get this items. Look at the pictures: They are sweet…

Note: This items will not be able to get in future, if hacked you will get disabled…

Epic Duel Cheats Announcements For All Varium Fans

You guys want Varium? well now you can! “PAY BY CASH”! Admin just announced it. Now instead of using Credit Card, Paypal, etc… you can just E-mail the money.

NOTE: If you are going to send money, make sure that it is not visible, wrap it in two pieces of white paper and money inside.  Some people can still the money.

Epic Duel – Free Varium and Founder Achievement Give Away #2

Contest Over! Winner is: MR.SINISTER

Okay, I gave my last Founder Achievement last time. I bought another one since I got lots of money from Christmas. I will give it to a lucky winner here. So… Hope you win. Just as last time, enter your User Name and E-mail. I will E-mail you the Card Number. I am founder. I am trying to find a glitch on how to get lots of credit. I can’t get much, I am anyways retraining so I waste it all the time. Anyways, please, just enter your User name and E-mail. No password needed.