Looking For Helpers!

Hello, I am looking for helpers. How does this work? you comment here right, or any other posts. Than you say I want to be your helper. You insert your E-mail and nickname, age and for what game you wanna help. Than every time you help me out you get credits, and you all will be in a widget called helpers. So please, help me out, I give free prizes to does who really help me so submit your info now! Your nickname must me “Name” and helper next to it so I know it’s you…

39 Responses

  1. I wanna be your helper.
    My penguin name is Rossi Mars (Member 1460 days old).
    My email is martodve@abv.bg.
    I’m 14 years old.
    I type mature.
    My nickname is Marto

  2. Uhhh the nickname must be CranicarMarto or CranicarHelper? Please fix it on my comment up.

  3. cool, I’ll add you to the team… But… What you wanna work for?

  4. I wanna work for furniture catalog and igloo catalog cheats

  5. hey cranicar I need a series 5 coin code, but they don’t sell it in my country 😦 can u get me one? please delete the comment when u read it and send me and email. Thank anyway 🙂

  6. If you do a good job, I’ll get you one, but your nickname must be MartoHelper every time you submit a cheat…

  7. So you wanna work for Club Penguin Updates?

  8. yeah, I’ll change the nick and yeah, I do

  9. For my first helping, there are 3 new servers! They are called “Below Zero”, “Cold Snap” and “Permafrost”. In matter of fact, these are all names from World of Warcraft.

  10. well how am i supposed to help?

  11. You always do, so what you wanna help for/ Epic Duel? Club Penguin? Ninja Warz? Or AQWorlds?

  12. Oh, can I be in help with ninjawarz too? I’m ranked in most kills (403)

  13. oops I’m not ranked yet, gonna be soon.

  14. Yeah, Sure! You could work for both…

  15. OK, here’s a ninjawarz tip:
    If you’re very well equipped (you got the best weapons and relics for your level) try attacking 10 levels higher than you bots. Make sure they have 19 or so ninjas.

    If you’re a high level player, here’s how to earn “biting the hand that feeds”:
    First, Make sure you’re a high level.
    Second, here is a creator’s playercard:
    He is level 39, so watch out.
    His ninjas aren’t very strong
    He has the following relics:
    The Black Six
    The Gold Six
    The Red Six
    Obsidian Fragments
    Blood Fragments

  16. Awesome! I’ll tell them now…

  17. ill help in a little bit of all of them

  18. Awesome, If I keep this upq will I get rewarded ( I mean I gave 1 CP cheat and 1 ninjawarz cheat)?

  19. Ninjawarz tip:

    to get easy but small exp register another ninjawarz account then battle yor high level. if your high level battles your low level its gonna say you must suffer great shame…
    then keep doing it till you get desired exp(p.s. it gives so little exp)

  20. I put all the book codes that were missing and I knew. Cheack them out 🙂

  21. yawn, going to sleep.. It’s 11 PM in my country… Bad thing I won’t have any chance for the coin code if you release it… Goodnight North and South America 🙂

  22. No, I gotta know you will be submitting cheats… than you get coin code just like my other helpers…

  23. are you kidding me?? Of course I’ll be submitting more and more 🙂 I have this website on my speed dial on my webbrowser. I always wanted to be a part of this site and now I have the oppurtunity 🙂 Thanks again 🙂

  24. Why did you ask before?

  25. Every time you submit a cheat you must be LinkuHelper, I get many comments and it’s hard to approve them all, I just search helper and automatically get your cheat.

  26. Wrrd, thats what I do!

  27. so i just change my name to linkuhelper?

  28. my aqworlds name is lord of forax
    i post any aqworlds cheats
    i post nearly every day
    i have a very successful blog: http://www.lordofforax.wordpress.com
    my email is goldenchild999@hotmail.co.uk
    i will post without any rude things
    plz add me to the team!

  29. an aqworlds cheat is when at ashias drake press event horizon then leave the area then go bk use pulsewave and the dragon does not attack, if someone attacks it and dies the drakes health stays the same!
    (as it was wen the person died it does not reset)

  30. yup… So people start notecing you…

  31. You are in, but you need to change your nickname to Lord of Forax Helper, so I find you giving cheats on comments and to give you credit for them…

  32. but i need to do my blog as well, will i be added to the blog team and be able to add my own posts? if not i am out, i will not change my name anyway because it would look weird if my posts on my blogs say written by lord of forax helper

  33. I wanna be your helper.
    My penguin name is kirtus5 (non-Member 400 days old).
    My email is souljaboy-76@hotmail.com
    I’m 16 years old.

    i can help you for more games too eg;mechquest,dragonfable,adventurequest,aqworlds,adventurequest..

    please reply me soon and if u want i will tell u my usernames for the games i told u but please for how much ever game you want me to help me tell me ok this is me souljaboy7611 from youtube lol u know me right….bye cya

    wish you reply soon

  34. so what should be my name vegitohealperofcranicar or cranicarhelpervegito
    or ????pls say

  35. This might be too late to sign up. My internet has been down for nearly 5 months.

    Im 14 years old

    I can help with Adventure Quest Worlds,
    My Aqw account is named: Kilam (heres the character page:

    I can type reasonably fast. So I can type full words with proper grammar.

    my e-mail is kl_jt@yahoo.com.au.

  36. By the way, please reply to my message fast!

  37. My internet has been down for nearly 5 months so this may be a little late.

    I am 14 years old.

    I want to work for Adventure Quest Worlds (my account is kilam)

    I am a reasonably fast typer so i can type with propper grammar.

    my e-mail is kl_jt@yahoo.com.au

    Please reply to this message as soon as possible

  38. Welcome to the team!

  39. I wanna be your helper for epic duel my user is ash0777
    my age is 13
    i am a fast typer and i can spell well
    my email is badbmack@hotmail.com
    ill help everyday and i won’t mess up your site
    PLZ reply i have always wanted to be part of a sucessful site ill update everyday thank you for your time


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