Club Penguin Coin Code Series 6 Winners, 400 Posts and New Coin Code Give Away!

The contest winners are: Ozzy 567 and moddude! I sent two coin codes each, Congrats!

Because of our blog’s 400 posts, I am giving another coin code give away, TWO Coin Codes! You have to refresh to get this code. Keep refreshing because who knows who will be online and ready to unlock it.

To Get Coin Code, Keep Clicking the Refresh Button.

Coin Code #1: m529zrcnc

Coin Code #2: ????????? – Refresh

17 Responses

  1. what time will it appear

  2. wtf it’s not working

  3. how do we enter this contest? I’m kinda lost…

  4. who got the first one? And can u give the next one tommorow?

  5. cranicar can we meet on cp on flippers now please ski lounge

  6. i love you cranicar

  7. Okay, I’m prepared

  8. When’s the code coming?

  9. Man, this is taking long… Lol

  10. when you will give us the second code ???

  11. im so close to getin the super exclusives i only need one more

  12. Waiting…. Lol

  13. lool waiting xD… when codes coming ?

  14. It hasn’t come out yet lol

  15. ok i dount think its gonna come now

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