Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips #7 – How To Get Konami Komando Award

Here is how you get the Konami Komando Award.

1. Go to Daimyo

2. Click The Following keys on your Keyboard:

[Up↑], [Up↑], [Down↓], [Down↓],[Left←], [Right→], [Left←], [Right→], [B], [A], [enter]

3. Now the Konami Komando Award is at your profile

{Credits to: Linku}

20 Responses

  1. finally you shared it

  2. you don’t have to go to the daimyo you can just do it at the map

  3. it is much easier if you go to the daimyo first…

  4. It doesn’t work.

  5. Where should I press the [B] and [A] key? Im playing this on facebook and no joystick. As far as I remember, that code is used for most Konami games and with joystick. But how could I do the [B] and [A] key? I tried pressing key B and A in the keyboard but nothing happens… I feel I like an idiot…

  6. it is not working ill try anything and nothing

  7. You need to go to daimyo and then up up down down left right left right B A and then Enter on keyboard.. learn it noobs.

  8. This works in google chrome and internet explorer, but certainly not firefox.

  9. GOLD CLOUD when u did make u video there was a gold cloud xD

  10. This really slows down the game though. :l

  11. are you joking why it does no work in firefox!!

  12. if u click birds they poop 😀

  13. u dont need to go to daimyo just be at main screen

  14. three things: wont work on firefox, wont work on daimyo be at regular screen, and cant be a golden cloud when u do it. now u know why its not working but if it still not working contact me at

  15. thank you

  16. thank you for you

  17. i tried it many times on firefox how come it doesnt work?

  18. ow it works on internet explorer whoho!!ahahha

  19. who ever tought me of this ty…tell me more pls add me on facebook or search my name hugh daniel g deposoy TY!!

  20. it didnt work for me y???

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