Epid Duel Cheats #1 – Fast Way To Level Up

this is the best way to level up. You could become level 10 in just 1 hours. I tried it as always I test my cheats. This is a cheat to level up. How do you do it? Follow this steps and you will be more powerful than ever!


1. Create two accounts

2. Login with both of them

3. Battle your self

4. Carefully quit with the account you don’t need.

5. Once you quit, you will get the reward you should have gotten as if you would have won the battle!

Hope you try it! Credits to: Cranicar

6 Responses

  1. hey dude awesome cheat btw thanks and anyways there is other cheat too its glitch ok and u know me iam form youtube souljaboy7611 and vegito3 from aqworlds

  2. if you do that if your other account is 5 levels above or under your level you won’t get anything

  3. i hate you this is no useful cheat put lets do it as your password then put your own(really yours)acount and youll see you lv up hahaha enjoy

  4. linku u suck it works but iam level 13 by playin 1vs1 but this is good ok so dont say bad comments stupid he knows that

  5. it didnt work for me try making a video

  6. its great big thanks to the cheat

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