How To Get The Club Penguin Beta Hat T-Shirt & Beta Grid Sweater

Okay guys, this is how you get it. Unlcok 5 coin codes. Unlock the 6th one and a special catalog will show up. Take a look at this video.

also check out this picture I took…

18 Responses

  1. Cool Post.
    I want one of those codes!

  2. can u give me a coin code plz

  3. i have a series 3 code

  4. Woah the Beta Shirt Rocks! I hope its Ok if I can take a pic of the super exclusives,I mentioned you on the post tho 😉


  5. Yeah sure go ahead…

  6. uh cool? I dont play cp much anymore though.(:

  7. i need a coin

  8. Do you need six series 6 coin codes or can they be from any series?

  9. ok thats a big rip off! 5 codes for one stinking page seriously thats paying 35 dollars for a page thats not real! i HATE DISNEY!

  10.  i wish i can get series 6 coin codes!
    Cp is awesome! Sigh

  11. love the umbrella and the shirt! 😉 they r awesome,, so I’m guessing you have to get 5 codes to get to that page?? woww, thats like $60! thats why i try and enter contests and stuff! still the super exclusives are shweeeeet!
    p.s luv ur pagge, it Rox!! ;HeeHee;))
    p.p.s don’t forget to donate to CFC,, idk i just like to don8 cus its fun to earn the moneey!
    p.p.p.s ok i’m done with these noww, still luvin ur page though!!!

  12. PLZZZZZZZZZ IM BEGGING U!!!!!!!!!! I NEED A CODE!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wow !

    Is this an Edit or Real ? Anyway – Still Cute !

    Added you to the Blogroll !


  15. hi awesome

  16. I just wish i had 1 or 2 more codes cause i need 1 more code to get the super exclusives!!!!!

  17. wait..does it matter if you unlock them at different times? i mean like, unlock one and then unlock another…does it still work?

  18. hi lamos ur all lam jk lol

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