AQWorlds Mount Frost Cheats

AQWorlds released a new place at AQWorlds representing Christmas! There is a dude in battleon who appears at Mount Frost as well. To get to mount Frost you must go to Battleon and click the banner that says Maount Frost – All Players Needed. Obiously Is a war. Because thats what happens when a War creates. They ask for pkayers to defeat monsters and get a peprcentage up to 100%

Here is a quick video to show you the items in the shop:

3 Responses

  1. Interesting… But I’ve found more on chobots!

  2. Hey Cranicar, whats this I hear about Watex joining one of your blogs

  3. Seriously mate. You can’t say “CLICK MY ADS”. It is agianst GOOGLES terms. Becuse people use auto clickers to click ads. You will get your sites shut down soon if you do that. You need to stop.

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