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  1. i want lvl 500 do you get may face book and you lvl 50

  2. hey in ninja warzs push up up down down left right left right B A then enter key n do it until it says u can only have one of those items then look in ur relic storage u will get a relic like a bird that adds 10% attack speed u will also get an achivement n be rewarded 5 karma or so…

  3. kinda hard to figure what you are doing without sound. Do I need to choose EXACTLY same enemy as you, or what? Whenever I click on “skip”, I lose the fight.

  4. ummm… i tried the first ting but i died when i clicked skip…. what lvl do you have to be? im only lvl 13…

  5. it doesn’t work…

  6. it doesn’t work

  7. it does work. just pick a level thats a couple above yours and scroll till you see the picture of the ninja with the orange and white background. they are usually easier to beat because they don’t have good weapons or items.

  8. hi i dani

  9. mga bakakon mo ipakulata tamo kang kent ron mga bongkag na inyong nawong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -ps lvl 1million nako

  10. first click 678 in ur keyboard
    then press hun
    then hold alt
    then press 5 three times and u will award 9250 gp and 1-5 karma

  11. it works perfectly you guys are just losing the fight its not the trick if you are that bad then try on weaker clans

  12. lol first press 0123456789 then hold shift and press the space key and then u go play RUENSCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY

  13. paano ba cheat ng weapon ah

  14. im level 15 but i cant defeat the genbu health 2500 im health 1859.

  15. What do u mean by the orange and white background guy?

  16. It works
    This is great

  17. I know! Thanks…

  18. Tell you what?
    It appears that u lose because you need to be on full health to do the trick.
    I know this because when i first tried the trick it doesnt work for me too.
    so i decided to watch the video again and now i figured out that you have to be on full health because on the video the guy clicked on the hospital after every fight!
    just believe me and the trick will be true

  19. I know!, thats me dude. I did the video…

  20. thanx dude it actually works!

  21. Cool! Glad to help…

  22. I told u itll work

  23. It works but i cant kill people above my lvl….. (16 atm)

  24. can u help me the stuff

  25. plz
    tell the download or somthin

  26. yeah it works for me, but im already lvl 24

  27. No it didnt works whatever ./!~

  28. yeah… it works//…. just click 123 then pres hun. hold alt then tab/…

  29. first click 123 in ur keyboard
    then press hun
    then hold alt
    then press 1 three times and u will award 1 million up and 100karma

  30. Im level 19 but I have a crystal weapon its Damage is 42.5
    Just type up up down down left right left right the type master of weapon

  31. hun????

  32. what is hun??guys?

  33. what is hun???

  34. Yea what is hun.

  35. doesn’t work….anddd wats hun?

  36. Haz .. it works

  37. does anyone have cheats that acually work
    i need karma really bad
    here is a cheat go to the daimyo then press up up down down left right left right then press enter

  38. i got an other cheat woooooo well its not really a cheat but anyway click on birds that fly across and the will poop on your ninja place

  39. whats ‘hun’ dudes????

  40. ye,what is hun?For whoever said the word.

  41. heeeeeelp me to lvlup to 61

  42. what is hun?

  43. someone plz tell me what hun is

  44. wat is hun tell me

  45. If you click on the birds that fly over your place they will poop. If you click on one alot it will have like diarrhea all over the place. It’s hilarious!

  46. yeahh.!!it’s really work..by the way what is hun.?:(

  47. i want my ninja warz to be max lvl

  48. what is hun????? please tell me

  49. press alt+f4 …and u will get 500 karma+200k gold+perfect relic

  50. can you pls help on what to do..my ninja warz says: “Error: Bad String”..why did it happen to my application when i am opening it…so now, i can’t play my ninja warz…
    thanks a lot..

  51. YeAH it works perfectly! gr8 tip thanks alot


  53. where i can find you call “HUN” what is it? and how we can find it?? if no one can answer this.. that means its not true.. thanks for someone who can explain this.. may the force be with you…..

  54. what is hun? and can u re-explain what to do because i refil my health but then i still lose… i need help please!

  55. deeeeeeeeeeeseeee r all fakeys

  56. i need karma real bad,, so pls teel me what hun is

  57. You guys believe anything people post on here as “cheats”

  58. Hey there is a guy on level 166 ok and he is in the very back he is white belt and u will beat him every time plus u will get alot of experience

  59. w123 is right. there is a guy lvl 166 with only one ninja whose a white belt and unarmed

  60. all cheats with hun in it dont work

  61. the guy on level 166 is not there anymore so dont fight anyone on lvl 166 u will get murderd

  62. thts because he now lvl 167 nd i jus beat him

  63. im lvl 23 now weeee


  65. hey guys, i know lots of theese are fake but i have two real ones that i tested myself.

    #1 to get 14 karma fight a guy named Si Phu. Right now he is lvl 167 but by the time u read this he may be higher. he has 20 white belts so it should be prety easy. after you win you will get two awards equalling 14 karma

    #2 this one is not as good but if u do it right it works. press (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter) and u will get an award for 1 karma and a relic

  66. i have a problem with number 2,how to do that…????

  67. omg! #1 is really true. tnx! 🙂

  68. ok so about the 166 guy it is true but to make i better when you kill him then at the bottom there is a list of what you do so you only have to go up 166 once cus on the list you can click on what yo did and click on him and then on his profile it will say fite me so ya

  69. hahayz

  70. there’s a guy in level 170 no equip level 1 ninja free target!!

  71. can u help me !! what to do !! it does not work !! i want to lvl up !!

  72. hahahahaha

    yall suck im level 23

  73. what he is doing is that u try and find the person that u can beat(if not keep going to the hospital) and if u find the one(i woulnt recomend if one of your ninja has very low health at the end because of more critical attacks from the opposing team) go to the hospital and then keep on going to the one that u have beaten. hope this helps if people doesnt understand it

  74. please tell me how to get HUN

  75. hahaha there is no white belter in level 100+ thair just sh!ting you hahaha

  76. How to Level to Level 100 in less than a week?

    every human/ai player has a fight web link & a heal web link.
    Discover those two items and you can figure out the rest on how to level your ninjas to level 100+ in a week.

  77. its not true! there is a lvl 171 human player with 1 white belt ninja with fists! NOT LIE!!!

  78. yes there is a lvl l71 plyer with 1 wite belt only fist very easy even a level 2 can beat hi this is not A lie!!!

  79. hellow!!!!! i have a question about ninja warz in facebook.
    how do i get many karma?????
    tnx thats all. i hope 4 ur reply.

  80. Every level up you get 10. Try to get some achievements, golden clouds etc…

  81. where is the easy lvl 100+ guy?

  82. Ik Nguyen at Lvl 175 has 1 white belt…..try it!

  83. @Joanna Hmm… Can you give a link, Joanna?
    Thanks in advance

  84. search imacros on firefox add-ons.
    add in code similar to the one below and repeat code five times. in between each repeat, you must go heal yourself so add in code to heal yourself too. the key is to fight only the AI not human players. after five times, increment the last number of their ID to 1106075 and repeat and increment after five times and start again. i’ll leave out how to figure out your own hospital ID to you.

    URL GOTO=http://apps.facebook.com/ninja-warz/?f=1106074
    URL GOTO=”hospital”

    Only start with opponent levels one or two above you and let it increment infinitely if wanted. Be sure to pause at times to train your ninjas. you’ll level up to 100+ in no time.

  85. here is a newly found cheat
    youll get 10 karma and 1 lvl if you put this cheat again and again.it is simple and it is possible trust me.

    1st step:open your facebook then play ninja warz

    2nd step:click the hospital at your full health

    3rd step:hold alt then press 012345 then release the alt

    4th step:then press control w

  86. yea everyone….NiNJA LooRD is right….lol i never would have thought 🙂

  87. yo for oen day this guy has stripped all his chars. Hes lvl 35 and you can get a lot of gold if you steal from him.


  88. iwant to level 100 how i do it?

  89. http://apps.facebook.com/ninja-warz/p/1420330 that is a link to a level 181 white belt with fists. lmao i got 5 acheivements off him

  90. weak ka u lht

  91. What does it do Ninja lord?

  92. u guys are all cheaters

  93. what is HUN???

  94. ninja lord: it didnt work :/

  95. Thx BryonNara, this really helps! 😀
    I cant find the other guy…

  96. hahay ning gwapo ta ui…lol

  97. red css tewca gerewz


    STRONGER THAN YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jk)

  99. what is huN???????????


  101. whats hun?

  102. WHAT IS HUNN !!!!!!!!!!

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