Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips #2 – Two Ways of Getting Gold/Karma

This is Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips #2

Way 1:

Okay, Here is how you can keep claiming reward. First when you login click the fat dude “Daimyo” if he is glowing. If he is glowing, that means he has a surprise for you. Click Claim reward. You might get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… Karma or you will get  golden thousands of Gold.

Way 2:

Clicking Golden Clouds gets you same too. How do you find golden clouds? Wait for them. You will see lots of white clouds, but wait for a golden one,

it will get you more than what “Daimyo” Offers you.


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35 Responses

  1. um nice cranicar good i will follow you on twitter do you want iam youre biggest fan i am visiting your site everyday if u want me to follow you tell me ok

  2. which clan are u in ninja warz

  3. I am glad to hear that. Yes, I do want to be followed. Thank you for checking this website as you said. I hope you keep reading Pengyboy4 & AQWorldscheatsMaster’s posts

  4. So what does the cloud look like and when does it come???

  5. It looks like a normal cloud but golden…

  6. O_O thecheat on ninjawarz is TRue!THAnks cranicar!!!

  7. just thanks oK? man

  8. i’ve been waitin for like a hyalf-hour already, i don’t see any cloud? how long did u guys wait?

  9. it shouldnt take that long, but if it did just watch tv or something to kill time, every time check it, or maybe you missed it, it stands out alot though the fact its gold

  10. how many minutes will come the cloud?

  11. hey bra umm how did you get the golden clouds in groups

  12. hey,how do u get the cloulds (gold) in groups and how do u get infinite karma/a lot a karma

  13. for anyone who is interested in wanting more allies…you can add my 2 facebook accounts where i play ninja warz…they are Jeimi Kaze, and Raznearea Howling.

  14. please add me as ally

  15. Dude you suck. I knew that stuff the first time i logged in. Those aren’t cheats you frikkin rtard.

  16. hi….

    i need karma and gold…

  17. add me too in facebook ninja wars:D thx

  18. thx, if anyone knows how to make karma, tel me pls

  19. any efective way earning karmas? thx

  20. i want karma i want karma i want karma

  21. if u click on a bird it poops and if u click it alot of times it poops alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. i want karma too…….how can i get karma???i want many karma and gold will u help me????whats the cheat????

  23. I have seen one golden cloud. it gave me 29000 golds

  24. I want more karma and gold please because i always lost in battle

  25. i have seen a golden cloud it gave me 9000 karma

  26. the golden will appear random…sometime i see the golden cloud i hit it and it give me 10.000 gold

  27. the one there saying “up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a and enter” does not work for only say that “you can only have one of those” the next day, it says again that “you can only have on of those” the next day again it says “you can only have on eof those” i hate it


  29. No gold cloud!!! 😦

  30. i got a cheat first go down till you reach the bottom of the fight thingey than you click the person at the bottoms profile photo than you click fight me and right when the fight starts you click skip and right when they start fighting you click the reload this page button and it will go right back to the fight and when you think you have low health click no thanks and heal than it says on the bottom it says you beat then the name you click the name and fight keep doing that till it reachis the limit 3 and you got about 1000 exp

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  33. screw you all nerds! go back to your momma!

  34. all you just like a dog

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