Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips #1

This is the first tip. This is an useful tip that works fore me getting to level 40 in just 3 weeks!

1. You must advertise your Referrel to get Karmas & Make your ninja Stronger

2. Try battling with one ninja until you get it to a black belt

3. Once its black belt get another ninja, try focusing on it until you get it to black belt too

4. Make 5 ninjas black belt first, You will get an award

More Tips to come!

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11 Responses

  1. can i ad my link here if so here it is;)
    **No Ads**

  2. Wow, you know what i do too Cranicar!

  3. NICE DL!

  4. hey can u give me some tips in beating the Genbu. thx!


  6. send me friends requests for more allies. Mathew Cowger on facebook.

  7. add me i need more allies

  8. i beat genbu when i was lvl 16 i had 1 black belt and about 14 ninjas ==
    get lots of ninjas so then genbu will bite one noob white belt which wastes his turn p.s all of the ninjas attack him, if genbu does his laser most of ur white blt will be on floor k.oed

  9. add me

    i love to help u..

  10. to beat the turtle all you have to do is throw 10 karma onto the sushi relic and it adds 100 health to each ninja and dont have 30 ninjas because they are all going to be weak have a few where you can use karma and make em stronger dont listen to these people i beat him no problem with this

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