AQWCPC Team Opened

Lordoc told me to post this to introduce you guys to the team. There are some Changes going on. Lordoc doesn’t wanna post for this blog anymore. So he told me that Me and Pengyboy4 will be posting on this blog for here on. We all are administrators because we are very good friends of lordoc for like years. I, AQWorlds Cheats Master know him for about 2 years, then on this chat servers called Bribbles, we met Pengyboy4. Here are the AQWCPC Team Members.

So long guys!

~AQWorlds Cheats Master is my website

3 Responses

  1. hmph hoow hard can it be to learn how to use sony vegas pro 8?

  2. sweet site dude, i just started so can you see mine?

  3. Dang, Cranicar/Lordoc is not posting!!!!!!! He was a great guy…

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