You Decide (& Sneak Peek)!

Hello Agents!

You guys are doing a great job keeping the island safe. You’ve been asking about Mission 11 and I can tell you the team’s working hard to make it really exciting. Since it’s being developed right now, we were actually hoping that you’d be able to help us decide on some stuff that’ll go into the Mission!!

Check out these glasses… Would you help us decide which pair you’d like to be able to earn in Mission 11? You’ve got 3 options – Just click on number that matches the pair you like best!!

Also… The team’s busy working on something kinda secret and we wanted to give you a sneak peek of someone who’s gonna be helping Agents in the future… We’ll have more info on this coming in December.

AQWorlds Black Friday Shop Cheats

Okay,  why so pink? All items are pink yo!, anyways, check out the items they are selling…

Click play to see the video…

Club Penguin Great Snow Maze 2009 Cheats

Here are the cheats for the Club Penguin Great Snow Maze 2009.

To get the Blue Pompom Toque you must open your map, than go to the top of the mountain.

If you go to the Sky Village it shows you the map that reveals the path way true the maze… Check out the map.

Also, check out the prize they give you once you complete this maze *cough* Thank You  Cranicar you are the greatest, just kidding*cough*

Also, here is the video tutorial I made, must of all to help you out with the puzzle..

Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips #6 – Getting Karma From Surveys

Hello Guys, I found this link that if you do surveys… you get karma! This is great because you can also get an achievement! Just go to and click at some surveys to get Karma.

Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips #5 – Get Gold From Karma

I will be showing you how to get money from Karma. This goes up every time you level up. This helps you get Gold by going to Daimyo and by clicking Karma→Gold. Than just click the amount of money or gold you want to trade for. Take a look at this video I made.

Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips #4 – Unique Way Of Getting Free Karma

Okay, This is a way of you getting free karma. Here are steps bellow.

1. Create a Random Twitter/Facebook

2. Easiest is Facebook (Any Email Will Work)

3. Find out what your referral link is and sing up to NinjaWarz with you other account that exists from Twitter/Facebook

4. Once you are done logging in, just pick your ninja clan

5. Login back with you Original Ninja Warz Account and you will have 5 extra Karmas!

Cranicar is such a genius, do one for him by clicking the picture since I had helped you a lot…

Ninja Warz Cheats & Tips #3 – How To Level Up Faster On Ninja Warz

Okay, This is how you do it. Take a quick view at this video I made that will help you level up fast. Do what I do and you will not have a problem.