Five Free Series 5 Coin Code Giveaway

Alright, Since it’s Club Penguin 4th Anniversary Party celebration I will be gicing 5 free Series 5 coin code give away. I am happy with what I am doing, I want to share my coin codes since I got what I wanted with all my penguins. Anyways… please, if you want it click the Red Refresh Button I will be updating the coin codes every 5 hours, Everything 5, 5, 5, 5, 5. Because I have five coins. The first one will be coming shortly…

1st Coin Code:  g825pb75g

2nd Coin Code: l8j7xzblp

3rd Coin Code: h8hmjb9nm

4th Coin Code: m52brg7pw

5th Coin Code: g892chw99

Click To Refresh

15 Responses

  1. Sweet!! Can’t wait!! 🙂 Also please check out ! Thank-you!

  2. cool! but how do u get the coin codes cuz they arent in stores

  3. and when are you doing this also?

  4. hey man i suppose ur done going to toys r us? i been waiting for a month now

  5. Tonetone34, I can’t give u membership. Why? Because you broke your promise. You said you will blog, try your best. But you are just copying other ppl. I can give you the member ship like, now, but you don’t post on ur blog.

  6. darn its taken.

  7. OMG! I got the h8hmjb9nm code! Yes! Thank you cranicar! You rock man. You are really nice… I am so happy. Here is how I look like:

  8. ill give you a very rare penguin for a series 5 coin code contest.u can email me by the email im commenting on

  9. alright i get it

  10. Hey! I haven’t got any yet. xD I hope to get one but i dont mind.
    Keep the good work up!
    -Gasnier 11-

  11. where is da fourth one

  12. Some ninja used the 4th and 5th BOOOOO

  13. there all taken oh well

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