Club Penguin Cheats – 4th Anniversary Party & Hat!

Okay, The party launched a while ago. Anyways, Here is the Club Penguin Party Hat, Located At The Coffee Shop. First, click the Pinata. Than, Get the Hat, it’s really cool!

Get It

As Pengyboy4 predicted it is gonna be the same colors as the pin. Wow, that was easy!

4rth Anniversary Hat

Okay!, Check out my style! It’s so Pinkish & Blueish!


cran pink blue

9 Responses

  1. Hey
    Can I be on your blogroll?
    If yes go to my site and leave a comment and I will add you!


  2. Hey

    Will you add me to your blogroll? If you do message me on my site and I will add you!

  3. Bye Lordoc. Since you still haven’t grown out of Club Penguin like me, and Im only 11 and your over 16, I will not be visiting your website anymore. I think you need a life. Seriousily, playing CP at your age? Wow. AQW is fine. Why cant you just go back to that? Until then…

  4. I am 15, And what’s your problem? Are you still jealous because I was always a better blogger? Get lost dummy! I don’t need to deal with all your Crap!

  5. Hey
    I added you to my blogroll!
    So please add me!

    PS: I who cares if your 15!

  6. *Who cares

  7. I know, Thanks for supporting me…

  8. who cares im 12 and i play club penguin still it is good fun
    sometimes you can’t grow out of things 🙂

  9. thank you! I don’t know what got up with blue buru, I removed him from my friends list.

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