Pengyboy4 – New Author!

OMG! Thank you Cranicar for letting me work for your website! You are the best man. Anyways, Lets talk about me. I am one of Cranicar’s best friends! We met on his last website. I also worked there for a while. Anyways, I spent ages looking for his new website and I finally Found It. I used to know him by his last penguins name, “Oneurt” It’s banned forever. Now, About me. My penguins theme color is Blue. My Favorite hat item is Red Toque. And Favorite shirt is the one from that music Party. Look At my penguin, I have a medal for being cool!


Thats Me! I look awesome. That is gonna be my best theme no matter what. I like my feet with no shoes. Anyways, I will post the pin tomorrow because Cranicar let me.



4 Responses

  1. Wow i see that you are good friends with Cranicar. Oh, and congrats on the author job Pengyboy4! I sure hope WE can be friends too!

  2. omg i thought cranicar didn’t let people you know… have jobs…

  3. But I know him more than 1 year. He used to work for me long ago…

  4. Nice to meet you to Dragon Lord. I know cranicar for like one year and 4 months. Something like that…

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