Undead Assault War – All Members Needed

Okay, there is this new place called Undead Assault War & If you wanna go there you need to click the banner that looks like this at battleon.

Undead Assault War

Also, There is this temp Items that you can get. They are called Undead Mage & Undead Fighter. If you log off, they will disappear. Check them out…

Undead Fighter Undead Mage

And last but not least check out the AC Shop, The have some really cool helms and Really cool Outfits!

Undead Assault AC Shop This are just the names of the Items, If you want them, type “/join warlionfang” The Undead Assault War…

Also, There is a new class for Members, Check it out, Its awesome…

Doom Knight Click Doom Knight if you want the items!

One Response

  1. Hey dude Nice site im called PCAP Josh on AQW and i was wondering maybey we could meet up i mainly go on server twilly and im not member im lvl 13 wot lvl r u ?

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