We attack Friday at sundown!

The largest army of undead players in the world
The entire player base is going to be turned into an army of Undead! Artix, Cysero, Warlic, King Alteon and your other friends have been kidnapped by Maximilian Lionfang. They are held captive in a seemingly impenetrable fortress surrounded by a Death Fog which kills any living thing that comes in contact with it… but you cannot kill that which is already dead! Creating an Undead Army of this size by week’s end is no easy task. Do you have the courage to become aDoomKnight and lead the Undead Army to victory?
Read more on the Design Notes


“An unstoppable army of undead players raiding the tower full of golden armored knights riding unicorns? EPIC!”

The Birthday Event everyone is dying for…
For 7 years, in the original AdventureQuest, an undead army has attacked our peaceful town during the month of October. It is basically tradition! It was the ultimate shock when we discovered that this year that WE become the UNDEAD ARMY! (16.2% chance Artix can change everyone back to normal if we are successful) AQWorld’s 1st Birthday will be one event we will never forget!

In this upcoming release

  • DoomKnight Class will be released
  • War against the Golden Onslaught
  • Players can be transformed “undead” by Gravelyn
  • New item drops and more!

3 Responses

  1. Lordoc got really messed up ever since he’s reporting on Club Penguin. I think I’m switching to ELVENMAGIC’S AQW CHEATS now.Lordoc used to be my favorite one…oh well…

  2. Nice to know.

  3. hey crancair my penguin name is kirtus5 and vegito3 for aqworlds and vegito for dragonfable and vegito for mechquest ok cyz iam level 36 mechquest want proof ok wait i will tell you if you want proof

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