Free Series 3 Coin Code’s Give Away

I am giving away 3 free series 3 coin codes. I went to Toys R Us yesterday and got 5 Toys. I got what I wanted so the rest I am giving away because you guys helped me by coming to my party. Anyways, I will be giving 3 coin codes away. Keep clicking refresh, that way a code will show up:

1st Coin Code: j1x77jpvd

2nd Coin Code: w117qdv7v

3rd Coin Code: v1dqvfy6t

Click To Refresh

12 Responses

  1. used first code

  2. dang it i missed it again! 😦

  3. :(:(:(:(

  4. dude my hits are going down.. down!!:( i only got 9 hits today

  5. Well i only get 6! Im even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. it cool!

  7. i love aqworld

  8. i think these people are a ass because they think they could hack into artix accont

  9. how do u do this? im confused

  10. What Does It Do Does It Give You Ac COins OnAqworlds?

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