Club Penguin Free 6 Month Membership Contest/Giveaway

(Contest over: Nov 15th, 2009)

I got a 6 month membership to give it away. I bought to give it away thanks to me adding CSS to the site if you hadn’t noticed I did! Anyways, here is how you win it:

  1. Follow Me @ Twitter:
  2. Subscribe to my youtube Channel:
  3. Once you are done doing the following you must comment here and submit your Twitter and Youtube that you did Step 1 and 2 with.
  4. I will pick the user that picks my secret number from 1 – 500,
  5. Submit 10 guess (One number each comment)

Well, good luck everyone!!!

Club Penguin Silly Scarecrow Costume

Okay, a new item has been added to the Club Penguin Haunted House located in the map as hidden… Take a look at the picture to see if you can find it.

Silly Scarecrow

Blogroll Requirements

Blogroll Requirements

Hello! I have added a blogroll due to giving & getting more traffic, I would simply add you if you add me to your blogroll as well. has 250,000 getting thousands of views every week. I would be glad to add you to my blogroll or Top Blogroll if you request and have more views than me. I check every week if you have updated you blogroll and taken me out of it, please don’t do this because I will do the same anyways here are the requirements

Blogroll Requirements

  1. Have at least 50,000 views
  2. You must add me to your blogroll first
  3. (Name: Cranicar, Link:

Top Blogroll Requirements

  1. You must have more views than what I have
  2. You must add me to your blogroll first
  3. (Name: Cranicar, Link:

Launching Domain Countdown

Domain will be launched soon. To see how much time is left, click the link

Screenhog talks Halloween Party!

Hey everyone, it’s Screenhog! (It’s also Halloween, so does that mean I should call myself “Screamhog” this week?)

Ah, Halloween, a time for candy and costumes and ghost stories, and… oh, you already know what Halloween is! I’ll just get right into what makes Halloween special this year:


  • “Night of the Living Sled” is back. Yes, Club Penguin’s funniest scary movie continues at the Lighthouse! If you weren’t here last year, you can watch 1 and 2 at the Coffee Shop and Night Club.
  • All is not what it seems at the Mine Shack… it’s been replaced with a Haunted House! Try clicking on everything… there are a lot of surprises there.
  • After the Haunted House, head down to the Mine and click on the glowing green lamp. The laboratory is back, with some extra clothes to help turn yourself into a monster.
  • Ready to go trick-or-treating? 8 candy pieces are waiting for you to find.
  • Last, but not least, Club Penguin is dark and stormy! Enjoy it while it lasts! It’s a perfect time of year to play Hide and Seek with your friends.

-Club Penguin Team

Cranicar’s Mini Adventure – Emily Osment ” All The Way Up”

Here is a new video I decided to make with the song “All The Way Up” by Emily Osment. I love this song so I chose it. 🙂 don’t get me worng here but she is pretty.

Club Penguin Gary Tracker

This is an old picture that I took long time ago. I found it in my wordpress media files and I wanna how you how gary’s background looks like…

Gary's Background

Anyways, to try and find Gary just go to the chatbox, if you see him tell us about it! Click Image to go chat…

Click To Chat