AQWorlds Cheats

Okay, I wanna keep posting about AQWorlds. I am trying to find a way how to login with them knowing it’s not me. The account will be different name, I wont take a picture of the name. Okay, thats an awesome Idea. I wont stop blogging about AQWorlds. It all depends in my friend.

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  1. i could lend you my backup account fire2219 its a level 10 mage i have been training him but now i don’t need him anymore and ill change back to linku when your back as lordoc

  2. Is it a member? Cuz I need a member account because they have access to other things.

  3. no sorry i told you i can’t buy membership

  4. and im changing back to linku now so bye bye to club penguin name digimno tame!

  5. Thanks for the offer Linku. It means allot. also, do you play ninja warz? I am level 21.

  6. omg im only level 18 and i played for 1 mounth…

  7. also i need more hits for my blog… sorry it got low hits but anyway here’s the site i will be talking about ninjas and other cool things

  8. and you may have noticed im back now guys!

  9. Go to my chat!

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